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This webpage on Famous Ships contains links to over 150 sites for information and pictures or photographs of well-known vessels. It is a companion site to another 42eXplore project from eduScapes titled Ships and Boats, where many other resources, lesson plans, and activities on water transportation can be found.
Andrea Doria (Italian passenger ship): (1) Andrea Doria from PBS's Lost Liners, (2) Andrea Doria:
The Greatest Rescue of All Time from ThinkQuest, (3) Andrea Doria - Tragedy and Rescue at Sea, (4) Sinking of the Andrea Doria, (5) Andrea Doria / Stockholm Collision
Andrea Gail (Boat featured in Perfect Storm): (1) Andrea Gail, (2) Andrea Gail from Out of
Gloucester, (3) Search for the Andrea Gail from Gloucester Times, (4) News Articles about the Andrea Gail from Perfect Storm Foundation, (5) Perfect Storm from Stories Behind the Movies
Britannic: (1) Titanic's Lost Sister from PBS NOVA Online, (2) About the Britannic, (3) Britannic
from PBS's Lost Liners
Duyfken (17th century Dutch ship): (1) Duyfken Replica Project, (2) Origina Duyfken, (3) Duyfken
from Western Australian Museum, (4) Duyfken
Edmund Fitzgerald (Great Lakes Freighter): (1) Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, (2) Edmund
Fitzgerald from Marine Historical Society of Detroit, (3) Edmund Fitzgerald from Marine Historical Society of Detroit, (4) S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald, (5) Edmund Fitzgerald Maiden Season by E. Chaput, (6) Wreck of the Edmund Ritzgerald
Empress of Ireland (Canadian Pacific steamship): (1) Empress of Ireland from PBS's Lost Liners,
(2) Empress of Ireland from ThinkQuest, (3) Empress of Ireland from Lost Liners, (4) Empress of Ireland, (5) Sinking of the Empress of Ireland
Endeavor Bark (Explorer James Cook's ship): (1) Endeavour, (2) Ship from BBC, (3) History of
Sailing Ship Endeavour from Spacelink, (4) Endeavour by C. Jones from Cook's Ships and Crews
Endurance (Sir Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated ship): (1) Endurance from Kodak, (2) Endurance:
Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition from American Museum of Natural History, (3) Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance from PBS NOVA Online, (4) Endurance - Shackleton's Expedition from Antarctica Connection, (5) Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure from WGBH
Ernestina (Schooner): (1) Schooner Ernestina, (2) Schooner Ernestina, (3) Schooner that took on
'Perfect Storm' Docks in Philadelphia by M. Dale, Associated Press, (4) Greater Boston: The Schooner Ernestina
Half Moon (Explorer Henry Hudson's ship): (1) Half Moon, (2) History of the Half Moon from
Hudson River Maritime Museum, (3) Half Moon Info from Henry Hudson, (4) Half Moon Replica from Hudson River
H.L. Hunley (Confederate submersible): (1) Friends of the Hunley, (2) H. L. Hunley, Confederate
Submarine from Naval Historical Center, (3) Confederate Submarine CSS H.L. Hunley, (4) H.L. Hunley from National Park Service, (5) Remember the H.L. Hunley from National Underwater Marine Agency
HMS Bounty (Merchant ship): (1) Mutiny on the HMS Bounty, (2) Tall Ship Bounty, (3) H.M.S
Bounty, (4) HMS Bounty from Wikipedia
La Amistad (Spanish slave schooner): (1) Amistad America, (2) U.S. Navy and the Amistad from
Naval Historical Center, (3) Amistad Sets Sail from ABC News
La Belle (Explorer Robert de La Salle's ship): (1) Voyage of Doom from PBS NOVA Online, (2) The
Belle from Texas Beyond History, (3) Raising the Belle by D. Parker, (4) La Belle . . . from Texas Almanac
Lady Washington (Traditional square-rigger sailing ship): (1) Lady Washington, (2) Historic Sailing
Ship Lady Washington,
Lusitania (British cargo and passenger ship): (1) Sinking of the Lusitania 1915, (2) Lusitania from
PBS's Lost Liners, (3) Cunard Line's Lusitania from ThinkQuest, (4) RMS Lusitania: Queen of the Seas by B.R. Guinn, (5) Lusitania Controversy, (6) Lusitania Online
Mary Rose (16th century Tudor-period warship): (1) Mary Rose, (2) Mary Rose Ship from Snibston
Discovery Park, (3) Mary Rose: A Great Ship of King Henry VIII by A. Lambert from BBC, (4) Raising of the Mary Rose, (5) Comparison Between the Mary Rose and the Batavia
Mayflower (Pilgrim ship): (1) Mayflower Web Pages, (2) First Mayflower - 1620 from Plimoth
Plantation, (3) Voyage of the Mayflower and the Speedwell from Pilgrim Hall Museum, (4) Ship "Mayflower" from Inland Empire Colony, (5) Mayflower—The Ship, (6) Mayflower: Journey to a New Life from Homeschool Learning Network, (7) Voyage of the Mayflower from Scholastic
Normandie (French ocean liner): (1) Normandie: Ship of Lights, (2) Normandie: The Ship of Light by
H. Dontje, (3) Normandie by B.R. Guinn, (4) S.S. Normandie by L. Mancini, (5) Normandie
Pride of Baltimore (1812 era topsail schooner): (1) Pride of Baltimore II, (2) Nest of Pirates and the
Baltimore Clipper, (3) Search Announced for the Original Pride of Baltimore
Queen Anne's Revenge (Blackbeard's ship): (1) Sign of the Jolly Roger, (2) Queen Anne's Revenge
Shipwreck Project, (3) Blackbeard's Ship - Queen Anne's Revenge, (4) Queen Anne's Revenge from Discovery Online, (5) Queen Anne's Revenge from Apple Computer
Queen Elizabeth (Passenger ship): (1) Queen Elizabeth II, (2) RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 by L.
Mancini, (3) Queen Elizabeth by K.R. Tam from Ships of State, (4) RMS Queen Elizabeth
Queen Mary (Ocean liner): (1) Queen Mary Information, (2) RMS Queen Mary by K.R. Tam from
Ships of State, (3) RMS Queen Mary by L. Mancini
Ronald H. Brown (Oceanographic and atmospheric research vessel): (1) NOAA Ship Ronald H.
Brown, (2) NOAA Ship Ron Brown
Santa Maria (Columbus's ship): (1) Columbus Santa Maria, (2) Columbus's Ships by K.A. Pickering,
(3) Columbus Santa Maria, (4) Ships of Exploration: Santa Maria and Spaceship America
S.S. St. Louis (Jewish refugee tragedy): Witnessing A Painful Voyage by M. O'Sullivan from The
Washington Post, (2) Tragedy of the S.S. St. Louis from Jewish Virtual Library, (3) SS St. Louis by A. Blechner, (4) Voyage of the Damned from US Coast Guard, (5) S.S. St. Louis Razor by D. McGowan, (6) S.S. St. Louis after 60 Years by Rabbi S.M. Stahl, (7) S.S. St. Louis by T. Bailoni
Titanic: (1) R.M.S. Titanic by Brett, (2) Titantic, (3) Titanic: The Official Archive, (4) Titanic
Archives, (5) Titanic - The Search for Answers from Harvey Web Productions, (7) Titanic & Other White Star Ships, (8) Titanic Expeditions, (9) Encyclopedia Titanica, (10) Titanic from Smithsonian Institution, (11) Titanic from PBS's Lost Liners, (12) Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship from ThinkQuest
U-869 (German Submarine): Hitler's Lost Sub from PBS NOVA Online
USS Constitution (Frigate ship nicknamed "Old Ironsides"): (1) USS Constitution Museum, (2) USS
Constitution: "Old Ironsides", (3) USS Constitution, The History from All Hands Online, (4) Ironsides: USS Constitution, (5) History of the USS Constitution; Old Ironsides
USS Indianapolis (Battleship sunk by Japanese torpedoes, July 30, 1945): (1) Search for USS
Indianapolis from Discovery Channel, (2) USS Indianapolis: Still at Sea, (3) Sinking of USS Indianapolis from Naval Historical Center, (4) USS Indianapolis (CA-35), (5) Remembering The USS Indianapolis by T. Perry, (6) In Harm's Way: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis . . .
USS Monitor (Civil War ironclad): (1) Lincoln's Secret Weapon from PBS NOVA Online, (2) John
Ericsson and the USS Monitor from The Mariners' Museum, (3) Monitor National Marine Sanctuary, (4) Legacy of the USS Monitor, (5) USS Monitor from The Mariners' Museum, (6) Loss of the Monitor from Century Magazine, (7) USS Monitor by R. Safir from Brooklyn Online
USCGC Polar Star (Icebreaker research ship): (1) USCGC Polar Star from US Coast Guard, (2)
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star (WAGB-10)
USS Ronald Reagan (Nuclear powered, Nimitz class aircraft carrier): USS Ronald Reagan (CVN
76) from US Navy, (2) USS Ronald Reagan
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