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Easier - Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday that is celebrated on May 5th. On that day in 1862, the Battle of Puebla was won by Mexican peasants over French soldiers.
Harder - Cinco de Mayo is a date of great importance for the Mexican and Chicano communities. It was on May 5th in 1862 that 2,000 poorly trained Mexican peasants, under the command of General Ignacio Zaragoza, fiercely fought and won the Battle at Puebla against a regiment of 6,000 French soldiers under the command of Napoleon III.
Today on the fifth of May, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated by native Mexican (and American) people everywhere. In Mexico, several towns elaborately reenact the Battle of Puebla in a day-long dramatization that includes acting and speeches. In America, Cinco de Mayo is an opportunity to celebrate Chicano culture in general, and is celebrated with huge fairs that include Mexican singing, dancing, feasting, costumes, sports activities, fireworks, and entertainment. Mariachi bands play while dancers perform native Mexican dances such as the Mexican Hat Dance and the Raspa. Speeches and parades encompass a large part of the celebration too. These events are one way in which people celebrate the friendship of the United States and Mexico.
This observance of the Cinco de Mayo victory is a special symbol for all Mexican people who celebrate their rights of freedom and liberty, honoring those who fought and won against greater odds. Although the Mexican army was eventually defeated, the "Batalla de Puebla" has come to represent a symbol of Mexican unity and patriotism. With this victory, Mexico demonstrated to the world that Mexico and all of Latin America were willing to defend themselves of any foreign intervention. Especially those from imperialist states bent on world conquest.
Children Of The Moon Cinco De Mayo
This links-site connects to information about Cinco de Mayo, a place to learn some Spanish words, how to make a poncho and a piñata, Mexican recipes, and more.
Cinco de Mayo de 1862 - La Batalla de Puebla
This website contains a fairly detailed history of the battle, with links to a site about Puebla, and offers a good sized bibliography for those who wish to conduct even more research on the subject.
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What do Mexicans Celebrate on Cinco de Mayo (May 5th)? by E.R. Vega
This explanation of the origin of Cinco de Mayo was reproduced from the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file of the newsgroup soc.culture.mexican.
After visiting several of the websites, complete one or more of these Cinco de Mayo activities:
Send Cinco de Mayo Greetings. Send an electronic greeting card from Webmania, Cinco de Mayo from Main Street Mom, or Cinco De Mayo E-cards (Where you alos send a recipe).
Celebrate with Food. You may need an adult's help in the kitchen. Go to sites like Guacamole Central from Californai Avocado Commission, Cinco de Mayo Recipes , Cinco de Mayo Buffet, Cinco de Mayo Feast, and Taste Tent. Select some recipes for delicious food to serve in this holiday celebration!
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Make a Piñata. Follow the procedures found at La Piñata to make your own Piñata. See if you can figure a way to fill it with treats! While you are at it, you might want to go to Make A Poncho from KinderArt and find out how to make your own paper or fabric poncho.
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This webpage was written and illustrated by the Vista ESL and Spanish classes of 1995.
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Cinco de Mayo is the biggest Mexican celebration in the United States. Scroll down to find a history of Cinco De Mayo.
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This article summarizes a high school student's experience: "It's a day for you to be proud of who you are ethnically."
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At this site, you will find some great ideas for integrating a Cinco de Mayo celebration into the curriculum.
Cinco de Mayo by K. Poff (Grade 9)
This lesson aims at learners understanding the reasons for celebrating Cinco de Mayo and learning about Mexican cultural history.
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In America, Cinco de Mayo is taken as an opportunity to celebrate Hispanic culture in general, and is celebrated with huge fairs, which include Mexican singing, dancing, feasting, costumes, sports activities, fireworks, and entertainment.
Cinco de Mayo Page (Houston Public Library and Stafford Middle School)
In this project, students will apply the "Big Six" information gathering process to do research for Cinco De Mayo projects.
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