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Easier - An entrepreneur, pronounced 'on-truh-pruh-nur', is someone who starts a business and is good at finding ways to make money.
Harder - Entrepreneurs are people who organize, operate, and assume the risks for starting up a business venture.
Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Clearinghouse on Entrepreneurship Education (CELCEE)
The CELCEE database contains abstracts of materials on entrepreneurship education at all levels, and a collection of links to organizations dealing with entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education.
This entrepreneur magazine is a an online small business authority with lots of relevant articles.
Other Online Entrepreneurial Magazines:
2) Business@Home
3) Creating The Work You Want
4) Entrepreneurial Edge
5) The Entrepreneur's Mind
6) The Idea Marketplace
7) Inc.
8) Success Magazine (under construction)
Entrepreneurs at
This site contains a collection of articles and links for entrepreneurship.
This joint venture between ACE Canada and Strategis provides an online community dedicated to helping Canadian students start successful businesses and find meaningful employment.
Other Youth Entrepreneur Websites:
2) Kids Way
3) Young Entrepreneurs' Organization
After visiting several of the entrepreneur websites, complete one or more of the following activities:
Could You Be An Entrepreneur? What type of people are entrepreneurs? I know - - this is a tough question, but identify the personal characteristics or traits that are needed to be successful as an entrepreneur. You might get some ideas at sites like Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice: "Who Is an Entrepreneur?" Is the Wrong Question and Are You an Entrepreneur?. Now look critically at yourself and identify your strengths and weaknesses as a potential entrepreneur. Weigh your findings and then decide: yes, no, in-between. Can you rate your potential on a scale of 1 to 10?
Study Your Local Business Community. Keep a log of the goods and services that you and your family use over a given time period. Put together a survey and poll your neighbors finding out what goods and services they now purchase and what they think that they need. Note where the purchases of goods and services are presently made. Look at the businesses in the area where you live. Are there products and services that are missing or needed locally? Write a summary of your findings.
Complete an Entrepreneur WebQuest. You may want to modify the procedures based on your access to the websites below.
1) Small Business Quest
Put Together a Business Plan. Imagine that you are going to startup a new business. Select a product or service, then follow with a business name and a logo. Create a business plan for your new enterprise. You will find lots of help at the websites. Specific help with a business plan can be found at sites like the Business Plans: The Planning Resource Center.
Interview an Entrepreneur. Find someone in your community who has started up a successful business. You could also look for an entrepreneur online who would agree to participate in an emailed interview. Interview the entrepreneur asking questions about how they started their business, what does it take to be a good entrepreneur, what prompted them to begin their own business, and the like? You can get some good information about interviewing people and formulating questions at Oral History. Publish, share your findings.
Website By Kids For Kids
Starting a Business (Grade 5-6, 1999 ThinkQuest Junior Project)
This site is a place that kids can learn about starting a business. It includes basic vocabulary, a business plan to get started, links to go the "extra mile" and a game to reinforce the learning.
Lots More Entrepreneur Sites
American Entrepreneurs for Economic Growth
This is the largest national organization of entrepreneurs focusing on policy affecting emerging growth companies
Business Forum Online
This is an online resource center for owners and managers of emerging businesses and entrepreneurs.
Business Plans: The Planning Resource Center at
Here you find sample business plans, sample marketing plans, and lots more.
Related Website:
2) Ask Mr. BizPlanIt (An Ask-the-Expert Site at BizPlanIt.Com)
Entrepreneur Of The Year (Ernst & Young)
Growing a company from concept to industry leader requires a special breed of individual - someone who doesn't believe those who say it can't be done… someone who sees opportunity in every problem … someone who won't take "no" for an answer.
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice: "Who Is an Entrepreneur?" Is the Wrong Question
by William B. Gartner (Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Summer, 1989)
This article examines the differences between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs.
Other Entrepreneurship Articles:
2) Are You an Entrepreneur? by Daile Tucker
3) Budding Entrepreneurs by Barbara Sutherland
4) Entrepreneurship Beyond 2000 at
5) Entrepreneurship by Richard Townsend
This site provides a 'world of resources' for entrepreneurs and supporters of entrepreneurship.
eWeb at Saint Louis University
This is an online resource for entrepreneurship education.
Ewing-Marion Kauffman Foundation
The Kauffman Foundation strives to identify unfulfilled societal needs and to develop, implement and/or fund breakthrough solutions in both adult and youth entrepreneurship. This site includes the Kaufman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.
Fax-on-Demand Publications
(Univ. of Arkansas-Little Rock, Small Business Development Center)
This website houses self-help articles for startup businesses and small businesses. Most are applicable for all locations; a few are specific to Arkansas.
Other Online Reference Sites for Entrepreneurs:
2) Entrepreneurs' Help Page
3) Small Business and Entrepreneurship at Rutgers University Libraries
4) Entrepreneurship (Links-site at Walsh College)
5) Starting Your Business at U.S. Small Business Administration
Global Entrepreneurship Institute
This is a free, 'open-source' for new ideas, new information and new knowledge about starting a global business.
The Idea Finder
This site showcases only the best and most innovative ideas; includes a glimpse into the facts and myths of some other unusual inventions plus a whole lot more.
Related Website:
2) Inventors and Invention
KC Entrepreneur Online (Kansas City Small Business Monthly)
This website contains innovative business strategies and techniques aimed at running a successful business.
National Consortium of Entrepreneurial Centers
This links-site connects to ten organizations dedicated to encouraging and supporting entrepreneurial endeavors have joined together to strengthen their efforts.
Resources for Minority Entrepreneurs
This links-site connects government sites devoted to minority enterprise development, business organizations geared toward helping , general online resources for minorities, and much more.
Related Websites:
2) Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine
3) Minority Business Development Agency (United States Department of Commerce)
4) Resource Center at the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs
5) Small Business Administration's Office of Minority Enterprise Development
6) Sites for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners (Links-site)
7) Women's Business Ownership (Small Business Administration)
Small Business and Entrepreneurs (Royal Bank)
Here you will find lots of information and resources plus a link to 'Today's Entrepreneur', an archive of more than 300 interviews with Canada's most interesting small business owners and entrepreneurs
his site offers resources for people who want to start a business or sell an idea.
Another Startup Website:
2) Startup Center at the Wall Street Journal
Teaching Entrepreneurs (National Public Radio)
Business schools nationwide are embracing entrepreneurship in their curriculum, often enlisting successful entrepreneurs to teach the new classes. Read the transcript or listen to the Real audio program.
Youth Tech Entrepreneurs (Massachusetts)
Learn about this YTE program and its project-based curriculum, where students learn by taking leading roles in real-life projects at their schools and in their communities.
Select Entrepreneur Biography & Case Study Sites
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