Biographies of the
Industrial Revolution

On this page, there are links to online biographies of important people of the Industrial Revolution . . . or you can return to the main webpage: Industrial Revolution. This is one of several thematic topic projects. To see all the topics that have been completed, go to the 42eXplore Subject Index.
Arkwright, Richard: (1) Sir Richard Arkwright 1732-1792 from BBC Online, (2) Richard Arkwright, (3) Richard Arkwright, Cotton King, (4) Richard Arkwright 1732-1792, (5) Richard Arkwright, (6) Sir Richard Arkwright, Inventions, Factory, (7) Sir Richard Arkwright
Bell, Alexander Graham: (1) Alexander Graham Bell, (2) Alexander Graham Bell - Scottish Inventor, (3) Alexander Graham Bell's Path to the Telephone, (4) Alexander Bell and His Telephone at Franklin Institute Online, (5) Alexander Graham Bell - The Inventor, (6) Alexander Graham Bell Links
Bessemer, Henry: (1) Sir Henry Bessemer - English Inventor & Engineer, (2) Henry Bessemer: Men of Steel. (3) Sir Henry Bessemer, F.R.S: An Autobiography, (4) Bessemer, Henry at Compton's Encyclopedia, (5) Henry Bessemer - The Steel Man at
Carnegie, Andrew: (1) Richest Man in the World: Andrew Carnegie from PBS American Experience, (2) Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919), (3) Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum, (4) Andrew Carnegie: A Tribute, (5) History of Andrew Carnegie and Carnegie Libraries
Edison, Thomas A.: (1) Thomas Edison-American Inventor, (2) Thomas Alva Edison as a Scientist and Inventor at the Franklin Institute, (3) History of GE: Thomas Alva Edison, (4) Thomas Edison's Inventions and Achievements, (5) Technology and the Impact of Edison
Fulton, Robert: (1) Robert Fulton, Engineer and Artist, (2) Robert Fulton: His Life and Its Results, (3) Fulton's Submarine from the Library of Congress, (4) Letter from Robert Fulton to President Washington, (5) Fulton, Robert from Encarta Encyclopedia, (6) Robert Fulton, (7) Robert Fulton
Hargreaves, James: (1) James Hargreaves, (2) Hargreaves, James at Compton's Encyclopedia, (3) James Hargreaves, (4) James Hargreaves, (5) James Hargreaves
Kay, John: (1) John Kay
Lowell, Francis Cabot: (1) Francis Cabot Lowell Mill Site from the Charles River Museum of Industry, (2) Francis Cabot Lowell and the Power Loom, (3) Francis Cabot Lowell, (4) Francis Cabot Lowell
McCormick, Cyrus: (1) McCormick, Cyrus Hall from Compton's Encyclopedia, (2) Cyrus Hall McCormick from Inventure Place, (3) Biography of Cyrus Hall McCormick, (4) Cyrus Hall McCormick: Inventor at Enchanted Learning
Morse, Samuel F. B.: (1) Samuel F. B. Morse, (2) Samuel F. B. Morse at The Invention Dimension, (3) Samuel F. B. Morse, (4) Samuel F. B. Morse (1791 - 1872), (5) Samuel F. B. Morse
Pasteur, Louis: (1) Louis Pasteur, (2) Louis Pasteur at Catholic Encyclopedia, (3) Louis Pasteur at Encarta Encyclopedia, (4) Louis Pasteur Chemist 1822 - 1895
Rockefeller, John D. Sr.: (1) Rockefellers at PBS American Experience, (2) John D. Rockfeller and the Standard Oil Company 1863-1911, (3) John Davison Rockefeller, Sr., (4) John D. Rockefeller, 1839-1937, (5) Rockefeller Family at Compton's Encyclopedia, (6) Rockefeller Rediscovered at the Museum of American Financial History, (7) Rockefeller, John D. from the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
Slater, Samuel: (1) Samuel Slater - Father of the American Industrial Revolution, (2) Engines of Our Ingenuity: Samuel Slater, (3) Story of Samuel Slater, (4) Samuel Slater and Arkwright Continuous Spinning, (5) Samuel Slater and Moses Brown Change America
Smith, Adam: (1) Adam Smith: An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776), (2) Modest Man Named Smith by L. Rosten from the Adam Smith Institute, (3) Adam Smith's Relevance for Today by M. Forsyth from the Adam Smith Institute, (4) Adam Smith: Philosophy from ThinkQuest
Stephenson, George: (1) George Stephenson 1781 - 1848 at BBC Online, (2) George Stephenson, Father of Railway Transportation from the Estonian Railway Museum, (3) George Stephenson, (4) George Stephenson, (5) George Stephenson (1781-1848) from BBC Online
Watt, James: (1) James Watt by Andrew Carnegie, (2) James Watt (1736-1819), (3) James Watt: Inventor, (4) Watt, James (1736-1819) at Encarta Encyclopedia, (5) Rotary Steam Engine, (6) Capital and Labour-The Invention of the Steam-Engine: Watt's Early Inventions
Whitney, Eli: (1) Eli Whitney, (2) American Innovators: Eli Whitney, (3) Eli Whitney, (4) Eli Whitney at The Invention Dimension, (5) Eli Whitney, (6) Eli Whitney, (7) Eli Whitney (1765-1825) by B. Eberius at U.S. History Interactive,
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