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Inventors and Inventions

Easier - Inventors are persons who think of, create, or make something that is new.
Harder - To invent something means to create a new device, come up with a new process, or to make a new product. Invention is closely related to, but different than discovery. A discovery is the first recognition of something that already existed in nature. Invention is the creation of something that has never existed before.
Invention is also closely related to innovation. An innovation is a change in the way something is done. An innovation may make an invention accessible to more people, thereby increasing its use. But again, the original invention already existed. The innovation is a change that is made to the invention.
Invention Dimension
Here you can read profiles of famous inventors, including winners of the Lemelson-MIT Prize. Each week a new inventor is featured, with archives of past articles.
Another easy-to-read site:
2) Zoom Inventors and Inventions
InventorEd Kid's Inventor Resources
An invention is a new way of solving a problem. Most inventions are made possible by those inventors who have proceeded us. If you want to invent, look at what is wrong with things you use now.
Inventors at
A terrific netlinks site to all kinds of information about inventors and inventions.
Inventure Place
Inventure Place is dedicated to the creative process. It is a museum that contains the National Inventors Hall of Fame, a laboratory where you can explore your curiosity, where you can discover the inventor  .
After exploring several of the websites, complete one or more of the following projects.
Complete the Inventive Episodes. Go to Headbone Derby - Invention Snatchers and complete the online activities for grades 4 through 8, where you learn the fundamentals of Internet research and discover ideas about inventors and how inventions come to be.
Invent Your Own Toys. Follow the instruction posted at the Build It Yourself Laboratory to build your own whimsical contraptions and remote controlled toys, while learning about famous inventors, or visit the top secret laboratory. You may get ideas at the Wacky Patent of the Month site devoted to recognizing selected inventors and their remarkable and unconventional patented inventions. If you are into Legos, you will probably want to visit Mindstorms for ideas, tips, and tricks about Lego inventions. Also you can visit Toys Were Us (Discovery Online) to learn how some of our favorite toys came to be.
Enter An Invention Contest. The Craftsman/NSTA Young Inventors Awards Program challenges students to use creativity and imagination along with science, technology, and mechanical ability to invent or modify a tool. Program is open to all students in grades 2&endash;5 and 6&endash;8 in the United States and the U.S. Territories. All entries must be received by 5:00 p.m. (EST) on March 10, 2000.
Complete An Inventions WebQuest. Follow or adapt the procedures found at one of the following WebQuests: 
1) African-American Inventors by Mary Haney Eureka! (Grade 6-8) http://www.memphis-
2) Eureka! A WebQuest on Inventions by Harriet Pahn
3) WebQuest Invention
4) Necessity is the Mother of Invention by Cynthia Rigsby http://curry.edschool.Virginia.EDU/go/edis771/98webquests/studen
5) Inventors and Inventions
6) What is the Invention of the Millennium? 5th grade
7) Investigating Inventions
History of Toys and Games (The History Channel)
Explore a timeline of when toys were invented, stories of the inventors behind such classic toys as Barbie and Slinky, and more.
Inventions (National Geographic World)
Site contains shockwave-based invention games, a bibliography, and web links on invention.
Kid's Inventor Resources by Ronald J. Riley
This links-site connects to websites about inventors and inventions.
Kids Pages (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office)
Here you can find information about patents, trademarks, and copyright as well as plenty of games, puzzles, and links to other sites.
Learn What It Takes To Be An Inventor
Here you find tips on how to think like an inventor.
Patent Cafe
This site is loaded with science and invention resources just for kids in elementary, junior high and high school. It also contains chatrooms and bulletin boards, forums - places to meet other kids and discuss science.
Rube Goldberg
Here you learn about the man, the cartoons, and the contest that he inspired
History of Inventions Timeline  
See an interesting timeline on a variety of inventions.
Greatest Inventors and Inventions
This ThinkQuest site profiles twelve great inventors and their inventions.
Black Inventors & Engineers
African Americans who have made contributions to society.
Great Idea Finder
This website spotlights ideas, inventions, and inventors.
National Inventors Hall of Fame
Here you can read short biographies of the honored inventors.
Smithsonian: Inventors and Innovation
Site includes brief histories of famous inventors and inventions including Albert Einstein, the telegraph, the light bulb, and the computer.
Spotlight Biography: Inventors (Smithsonian Institution) 
Site contains brief biographies and links for famous inventors including Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Wilbur Wright, and others.
Wacky Patent of the Month by Michael J. Colitz, Jr.
This website is devoted to recognizing selected inventors and their remarkable and unconventional patented inventions.
A Few More Famous Inventors
Alexander Graham Bell - The Inventor
Here you can read about a number of the great inventions that Alexander Graham Bell made in his lifetime.
Other Sites About Bell:
Pathway to the Telephone
Alexander Graham Bell
Bell-Inventor Profile
Leonardo Home Page
This is a comprehensive web site on Leonardo da Vinci which includes five lesson plans for hands-on classroom activities.
Edison National Historic Site
Learn about the American inventor of motion pictures, electric light, and the phonograph.
Other Edison Sites:
Edison Birthplace Museum
Test Edison Knowledge
Scientist and Inventor
Benjamin Franklin (Spectrum magazine)
Here is a brief biography of this inventor and patriot.
Other Franklin Sites:
World of Franklin
A Documentary History
An Autobiography
Elijah McCoy: Inventor and Engineer (African Americans in the Sciences)
This site is a biography site of the inventor who inspired the term "the real McCoy."
Another McCoy Site:
Elijah McCoy
Brief Biography
Easy Biography
Samuel Morse Historic Site
Information on Samuel Morse life and inventions.
More Sites:
Invention Dimension
Samuel Morse
Hall of Fame
Levi Strauss
Site of a biography of the inventor of blue jeans.
George Westinghouse
This is the original George Westinghouse website.
Here you will find the George Westinghouse Internet Museum.
Teacher Sites
Enchanted Learning Inventors
Search by alphabet for inventors.
Inventors and Inventions Unit
Inventors and Inventions Internet Resources.
Enrichment Activities on Ben Franklin
This site contains a number of activities.
3M Collaborative Invention Unit
What makes an inventor special?
Inventing a New Kind of Pencil
Here are ideas for teaching a lesson on inventing a new kind of pencil. The site has a link to a similar page on inventing a new kind of eraser also.
Invention Convention
This tour is designed for teachers to use as a resource and guide when planning a unit on inventions cumulating with an 'Invention Convention', where students display and explain their invention to their peers, teachers and parents.

























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