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Latino - Hispanic Heritage

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every year in the United States
from September 15 to October 15.
Easier - One's heritage is the customs and traditions that are handed down from generation to generation through their families. A person with Latino heritage means that they are descendants of a family from Mexico, the Carribean, Central America, and South America. The term Hispanic means people who come from a country where Spanish is spoken.
Harder - Because of their Latin American origins, Hispanic Americans are also called Latinos. Within this soon to be largest group of minorities in the United States, there are people of many different national and ethnic origins. They are not from one nationality or one culture, but are from many different origins. Many Latino and Hispanic people in the United States would prefer that they simply be called Americans. Others identify themselves with their cultural or national background. The three largest groups of Latinos in the United States are Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Cuban Americans. Many Puerto Ricans also call themselves Boriqua. Members of subgroups sometimes use more specialized names. For example, some Mexican Americans call themselves Chicanos, and Puerto Ricans living in New York state often refer to themselves as Nuyoricans.
Many Latinos in the U.S. are descendants of Mexican people who lived in the Southwest when it was appropriated as spoils of war or purchased in a series of land sales. In many cases, their ancestors became Americans not by their own choice. Almost all other American Latinos or their ancestors migrated here from Latin America. As a group, Latinos represent a mixture of several ethnic backgrounds, including European, American Indian, and African.
This website contains information gathered especially for Mexicans, Chicanos, and/or Mexican-Americans. But anyone else interested is welcome too!
Not To-Be-Missed Section:
2) Are Chicanos the Same as Mexicans?
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage from Scholastic
This beautiful website informs about the people, places, and events of our Hispanic heritage.
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2) Celebrating Hispanic Heritage
3) Hispanic Heritage Month at Factmonster
Coloquio-Revista Online
An e-magazine in English and Spanish, the site contains information about famous Hispanics in the world and history, bullfighting, and much more.
Other e-magazines:
Hispanic Online
This is a comprehensive website for the Latino news, information, and resources.
Not-To-Be-Missed Section:
2) Hispanic Magazine
Other Mega-Websites:
3) Hispanic Vista
4) LaRed Latina (Latin Network) by R. Vazquez
After visiting several of the websites, complete one or more of the following projects:
Complete a Hispanic / Latino WebQuest. Follow or adapt the procedures found at the webQuest sites to complete a project.
1) Buenos Dias Amigos! (Grade 4) by E. Hungerford
Prepare Some Latino Foods. You can find lots of recipes to choose from at (1) Mexican Cuisine, (2) Delicious Heart-Healthy Latino Recipes, (3) Latin American Recipes, (4) Latino Foods and Recipes and (5) Mexican Hot or Not. See if you can put together a Latino meal. Try making some of the recipes. Take digital camera pictures of the process.
Complete Artwork in a Latino Style. Visit sites like (1) SPARC's Chicano Mural Tour, and (2) Chicano Murals in Tucson. Then complete your own original artwork in a similar style.
Write A Latino Biography. Visit several of the biography sites. Pick someone that you admire or that you would like to know more about their life. Then use the online resources and library resources to help you research their life. Write a biography of your Latino person. You might present their life in a multimedia presentation. Or, create a postage stamp and write a letter persuading the goverment that they should make this a stamp. You can find more information at Biographies.
Interview Someone Of Latino Heritage. Find someone in your community whose family has a Latino origins. Politely ask them to participate in an interview about their Latino heritage. Prepare a list of procedures to follow and a list of possible questions. Have these completed before you conduct the interview. You can find help in conducting an interview at Oral History. You might audio record or videotape the interview.
Organize A Latino Fiesta. During Hispanic Heritage Month is a good time to have your own local festival celebrating our nation's Latino heritage. Carefully plan the events. Is there a speaker that you can invite? Include foods and music. If you include games, dominoes were recently found to be a favorite table game. Soccer and baseball have been popular outdoor sports in many Latin American countries.
Websites By Kids For Kids
Developing Literacy Through Hispanic Culture (1999 ThinkQuest Project), Grades 5-8
This site will help students learn to write a book report, poetry, or character sketch in order to appreciate Hispanic history and culture.
Mexico a part of the 'Far Out Frenzy' ThinkQuest Project
Learn about the country and culture of Mexico.
More Websites
Andanzas al Web Latino by M. Molloy
This is an annotated links-site to resources in these categories: (1) major Latino gateways, (2) Puertas al Sur: gateways to Latin America. (3) Puertas Culturales: news, music, art, theatre, travel, etc., (5) Puertas Politicas: organizations, communities, etc.. (6) Puertas Economicas: trade, commerce, development, environment, health, etc.; and more.
Biographies at Gale Group
Meet 50 notable Hispanic American men and women who've made a difference in the arts, entertainment, sports, world affairs, human rights and history.
Other Gale Group Sites:
2) Holiday-related Activities
3) Music of Hispanic America
4) Track Events in Hispanic American History
Hispanos Famosos (Famous Hispanics in the World and History)
This biography site covers over 200 Hispanics from around the world and throughout time.
Other Hispanic Biography Sites:
2) Biography Project at SACNAS
3) Discover History Makers at Scholastic
4) Hispanic American Hall of Fame
5) Hispanic Americans in Congress
6) Hispanic Americans in the Humanities
7) Hispanic American Medal of Honor Recipients
8) Hispanics in the American Revolution
9) Hispanics in Science from the National Atomic Museum
10) Interviews with Great Latinos at Scholastic
Hispanic Online
This online magazine site offers chat rooms, message boards and news, events, and issues of interest to the Latino community.
Other Online Magazines:
2) Contacto
3) ¡del Corazón! (Webzine from the National Museum of American Art)
4) Latina Online
Latin America Network Information Center (LANIC)
This comprehensive website provides information and resources on all of Latin America.
Not To-Be-Missed Section:
2) Food in Latin America
Latino Culture: U.S. at
This is a comprehensive website on cultural lives of Hispanic people that features sections on food, jobs, books, museums, music, media and much more.
Related Websites at
2) Hispanic Heritage
3) Spanish Language
4) U.S. Latino & Hispanic Culture (links at the Smithsonian)
Latin World
Here is information and resources about Latin America and its people. The objective is to serve as a communication platform for Latin Americans and people interested in Latin America.
Related Website:
2) Latin American Studies by A. R. de la Cova
Making Face, Making Soul...
This site is by, for, and about Chicanas, meaning women of Mexican descent in the United States. This site contains a variety of resources ranging from short biographies of Chicanas, to Chicana poetry and literature, cultural resources, academic resources, otras chicanas on the 'net, and more.
Mexico Connect
This is the site of an online magazine that provides information on all aspects of Mexico - the country, its people, its culture and places to visit or live, and the business world.
Related Websites:
2) Mexico for Kids
3) Mexico City Virtual Guide
4) Discovering Mexico at National Geographic

Pew Hispanic Center
The aim is to improve understanding of the diverse Hispanic population in the United States and to chronicle Latinos' growing impact on the nation.
Puro Mariachi!
This site provides a great overview of the past and present of mariachi music.
Other Music Sites:
2) Roots of Tejano and Conjunto Music
3) Texas-Mexican Conjunto
4) Tejano Music Awards
SPARC's Chicano Mural Tour of L.A.
View some of the Hispanic murals of Los Angeles.
More Hispanic Artwork Sites:
2) Chicano Murals in Tucson
3) Philadelphia Murals
U.S.-Mexico Relations by A. R. de la Cova
This links-site connects to recent articles on the relationships between Mexico and the United States.
Related Websites on the U.S. - Mexico Border:
2) Border from PBS
3) Border Issues from Texas
4) Borderlands Encyclopedia from Univ. of Texas El Paso
5) Borderlines
6) Frontera NorteSur http://www.NMSU.Edu/~frontera/
Viva Cesar E. Chavez! from Cesar E. Chavez Institute, San Francisco State University
You will find sound clips, pictures, and documents on Cesar Chavez here.
Related Website:
2) Cesar Chavez at Spectrum Biographies
3) Remembering a Modest Cesar by A. Quintanilla
4) Si Se Puede! Cesar E. Chavez and His Legacy
Voces Americanas / American Voices
This is the site of a celebration of writing by American authors of Latino heritage for readers of all ages. Police swept across the city in a dragnet that netted 600 Mexican Americans . . .

Zoot Suit Riots from PBS American Experience
In August 1942 Los Angeles, the murder of a young Mexican-American man sparked a local rebellion. Ethnic and racial tensions that had been building up over the years erupted.
Websites For Teachers
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! at Education World
This lesson plan article includes activities that teachers might use to explore Hispanic heritage.
Other Related Lesson Articles at Education World:
2) Lessons for Hispanic Heritage Month!
Mexican American Murals: Making A Place in the World
There are some questions you and your students can consider as you explore important murals by Mexican American artists, examine murals from the past, and work together to make your own mural.
Another Art Unit:
2) Chicana and Chicano Space
Rosita's Hispanic Pages by R. Harper at University of Findlay
This site contains numerous links dealing with the Hispanic/Latino influence in the U.S., including links to Spanish language learning.
Teachers Guide to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage! at Scholastic (Grades 4-7)
By interviewing distinguished Hispanic people, participating in activities, and using an online map, students delve into the background, meaning, depth, and pride of this heritage.
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