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Easier - A millennium is a period of one thousand years. Many people around the world will celebrate the end of the second millennium and the beginning of the third.
Harder - Derived from the Latin words of mille (one thousand) and annus (years), a millennium is a period of one thousand years. Millennium (with a capital M) has a more far-reaching meaning for both social scientists and theologians. It refers to a belief in the coming of a new age, a 'heaven on earth' during which all strife and suffering will be abolished. Peace, justice, and perfect harmony will prevail.
Christians believe the Millennium is a period when Jesus Christ will return to rule over earth for a period of one thousand years as told in the last book of the New Testament, the Book of Revelation. However, the idea of the Millennium is much older than this Christian version. The idea of a return to paradise is almost universal throughout human belief systems.
World History from 1000-2000
Go back and learn about history through the whole century.
The Millennium
This is a millennium information and activity site designed for kids.
Top Villains of the Millennium
Who were the most famous despots.
Greenwich Meridian 2000 (Royal Observatory Greenwich)
Includes ORG Special Information Leaflet No. 29, article: "Answers to all your Questions about the Start of the New Millennium"
After visiting some of the sites below, complete one of these Millennium projects:
Draw a Millennium Bug. Imagine what a millennium bug might look like. Draw your bug - - you might want to use KidPix software as the drawing tool. Display your artwork.
Decide When the Next Millennium Begins. Explore the issue at sites like Greenwich Meridian 2000, First Day of the Millennium, and The 21st Century and the 3rd Millennium - When Will They Begin?. Decide which is the correct observation date for the end/beginning of the millennium. Develop an argument that supports your selection. For an additional challenge, develop a case for a different date!
Contribute to the Millennium Mystery. Visit Millennium Mystery at John R. Good Elementary School in Irving, Texas and submit your own prediction of what the world will be like in the new millennium (January 1, 2001- January 1, 3000).
Send A Message Into the Future. Visit Human Messages to Travel through Time and Space and be sure to read the FAQ's. At this site, you are invited to write a message to future mankind; a message up to four pages can be submitted via the Internet in the language of your choice. Draft our message, set it aside and then reread and edit before submitting a final draft.
Participate in a Millennium Trails Project. Go to Millennium Trails and find out about the project. After reading about the national initiative, locate a historical trail in your community. It might be a native American, pioneer, railroad, migrant, stagecoach, livestock, canal, river, or other type of trail. Find out all that you can about the history of the trail. Display what you learn. You may want to develop a website that features your community trail.
Join the Mars Millennium Project. Visit Mars Millennium and accept the challenge for k-12 students to design a community for the future, a community for the planet Mars.
Be an Oral Historian. Learn about this subject at Oral History Lesson. For additional assistance, be sure to explore the resources at Oral History. Interview an older adult about when they were young. Interviewing Guidelines.
Millennium Clock (Countdown)
Using your computer's time setting, this page provides an accurate countdown to the millennium (Even lets you chose your preferred millennium ending).
Millennium Challenge
Lesson plan: Symbols in the late 19th and 20th Century.
Past, Present, Future: It's About Time!
Learn all about time, and how we measure it.
The 21st Century and the 3rd Millennium - When Will They Begin?
This site presents the official opinion from the US Naval Observatory
Designing a clock that will last 10,000 years.



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