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Millennium 2000

 In the process of putting together our first Millennium segment, we realized that this topic was definitely too big for just one 42eXplore installment. Therefore, we add this second group of websites and activities for you to explore.
As the end of 1999 rapidly approaches, the world is looking to celebrate this calendar milestone. Regardless of the 'true' millennium date, January 1st, 2000 will doubtless be a landmark World-Wide event. But it also becomes a point to pause, reflect, and evaluate where we as a human race have been and where we might be going in the next millennium.
For an official countdown to year 2000, visit Time Service Department (U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, DC), the official time source for the Department of Defense and the standard of time for the United States.
Y2K: Bug or Bomb
This is a site by kids for kids that helps to explain the Y2K problem.
Other Similar Links:
2) Y2K for Kids
3) CNN Site
Millennium (CNN Documentary Series)
This website was designed as a companion to their TV series of the same same. You can enter from the current week's feature, and you'll need the Shockwave/Flash plug-ins, but once you're into the site, the presentations and content really are superb. In addition, there is an extensive teaching guide which provides thematic coverage and additional resources for teachers.
The New Millennium (US Today)
Here you can connect to the 'Millennium Moment' plus access the archives for the entire year. Site also features a countdown calendar and lots of other articles on the approaching millennium.
Yaklennium 2000 at Yak's Corner
That's what the Yak is calling this next thousand years, as this site for kids focuses on the problems facing future generations and finding solutions.
A Similar Site for Older Learners:
2) Explore the Next Millennium (Part of Celebrate 2000)
After visiting some of the sites below, complete one or more of these millennium projects:
Complete a Millennium WebQuest. Go to What Is the Invention of the Millennium? and adapt or follow the guidelines for this WebQuest activity. Originally designed for 5th graders, this WebQuest has learners exploring, researching, and reporting on their top choice. You will want to visit Inventions of the Millennium and look at the inventions that have changed our lives.
Make a Time Capsule. A time capsule doesn't have to be just for schools and businesses anymore, anyone can make one and this New Year Eve is a great time to get started. Get started by visiting Tips on Making A Millennium Time Capsule.
Celebrate, Observe One Day In Peace. Learn about the 'One Day in Peace' observance. Then decide what you can do on the local level every day. Join in your own celebration. Go to story on online called "One Day In Peace". Read story and make into a play.
Complete a Millennium Quiz. Take a Quiz Decade by Decade History. Visit Millennium Quiz and take a fun quiz on the millennium.(Prove your answers with others). Or visit Millennium Quiz
Create a Top Ten Millennium List! Pick one or more of the following categories and create your own top ten list. You can find information and sometimes comparisons at the websites listed. 
1) Predictions for the future. Beyond 2000
2) Inventions - Velcro, duct tape, the computer? Inventors and Inventions
3) Persons of the last 2,000 years. Biography of the Millennium
4) Events of the past. 'Millennium Moment' at The New Millennium.
5) Problems, challenges of the next millennium. Yaklennium 2000 and Next Millennium.
Design a House for the Future. Consider what is needed for a house of the future. Be mindful of the need to preserve some of our dwindling natural resources. Then design a house for the next millennium. You may find some ideas and assistance at Architecture.
Third Millennium Activies for the Family
Ideas for 3d Millennium activities.
Beyond 2000
Here you can look at predictions for the future, and submit your own.
The Last Millennium? by Ivor Noel Hume (Web of Time, Fall 1998)
Here you can read an article that summarizes World events in AD 1000.
Related Website:
Millennium Madness (Links page)
Biography of the Millennium
Look at their list of the 100 most influential persons of the millennium.
The Next Millennium
What is the future for humanity
Explorers of the Millennium
Who were the greatest adventurers of the past thousand years. Listed in a timeline.
Classrooms of the Millennium
Learn about how students live and go to school in three different countries.
Science for the Millennium (NCSA, University of Illinois)
This virtual museum focuses chiefly on astronomy and astrophysics, advanced computation, and virtual environments.
Viking Millennium (The Smithsonian Institution)
At this website, learn why the Smithsonian is commemorating a Viking millennium. For lots more information and ideas about Vikings, be sure to visit
Sites for Teachers
Millennium Mathmatics Project
Bringing mathmatics to life.
New Centuries and Millennia Introduction (Sample lesson)
This lesson plan introduces calendars as a curriculum unit.



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