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Here you can connect to lots of websites on various battles, movements, and eventss. This is a companion page to an EduScapes 42eXplore project on American Indians. You may wish to check out two other companion pages before you return to the main American Indians webpage. Lots of more resources can be found at (1) Biographies of American Indians - A to Z and (2) American Indian Tribes and Cultures.
Comprehensive/Summary Websites
Indian Wars from DiscoverySchool
This summary article provides an overview of the conflicts between Native Americans and European settlers.
Washita by J. Horsley
Washita has a very definite premise - that Custer's massacre was an act founded in 'genocidal calculation.'
Battle With The Apache (1870's): (1) Battle With The Apache, 1872, (2) Lummis and the Apache War (1886), (3) Arizona Apache Wars, (4) Apache Wars
Camp Grant Massacre (April 1871): (1) Arizona's Camp Grant Massacre by H. Sheldon, (2) Camp Grant Massacre as Tucson Residents Saw It in 1871 by P. Vokac 
Creek War (1813-1814): (1) Creek War by C. Middleton, (2) Creek War of 1836 on the Chattahoochee River by C. Kimball, (3) Creek Indian War, 1813-1814 Unit, (4) Creek War of 1813 and 1814 by H.S. Halbert and T.H. Hall
Crow Creek Massacre: (1) Crow Creek Massacre
Dakota Conflict: (1) Dakota (Sioux) War, (2) Dakota Conflict Trials: 1862, (3) Dakota Exile
Fallen Timbers (August 1774): (1) Battle of Fallen Timbers from Ohio History Central
Ft. Mims (August 1813): (1) Ft. Mims Massacre, Baldwin County, Alabama, August 30, 1813
Fort Recovery (June 1794): (1) Seige of Fort Recovery from Ohio History Central
Fetterman Massacre (December 1866): (1) Fetterman Massacre, (2) Fatal Fetterman Fight form Wild West, (3) Fetterman Massacre, (4) Battle of The Hundred Slain Or The Fetterman Massacre
Gnadenhutten (March 1782): (1) Gnadenhutten Massacre from Ohio History Central
Ghost Dance: (1) Wovoka's Message: The Promise of the Ghost Dance from PBS, (2) Ghost Dance Among the Lakota from PBS, (3) Ghost Dance from MSNBC, (4) Native American Ghost Dance, (5) Wovoka: Jack Wilson (c.1856-1932) from PBS. See Also: Wounded Knee.
Harmar's Defeat (1790): (1) Harmar's Defeat at Ohio History Central
Horseshoe Bend (March 1814): (1) Battle of Horseshoe Bend: Collision of Cultures from National Park Service
Little Bighorn (June 1876): (1) Battle of Little Bighorn, (2) Battle of the Little Bighorn, 1876, (3) Battle of Little Bighorn, (4) History of the Battle of Little Bighorn from the National Park Service, (5) Little Bighorn Coverup? from Wild West, (6) Custer Battle: Archaeology and History, (7) Battle of Little Bighorn: An Eyewitness Account by the Lakota Chief Red Horse from PBS, (8) Custer Battlefield Historical & Museum Association, (9) Battle of the Little Bighorn, 1876, (10) Tragic Battle of Little Big Horn, (11) Little Big Horn, 1876 from the New York Times
Marias (Piegan) Massacre: (1) Uncelebrated Anniversary by S. Gibson, (2) Notes On An Obscure Massacre by S. Gibson and J. Hayne, (3) Witnesses to Carnage by S. Gibson and J. Hayne
Modoc War (April 1873): (1) Brief History of the Modoc War, (2) Modoc War from Oregon Public Broadcasting, (3) Modoc War, (4) History of Indian Territory
Nez Perce War (1877): (1) Battle of the Big Hole, (2) Unsettling Events: Battle of Camas Meadows
Pequot War (1637): (1) Pequot War: A Television Documentary, (2) Pequot War, (3) What was the Pequot War?, (4) Pequot War, (5) Pequot War 1637
Pierre's Hole (July 1832): (1) Battle of Pierre's Hole from Wild West
Plum Creek (August 1840): (1) Capt. 'Black' Adam Zumwalt, the Comanche Attack on Linnville and the Battle of Plum Creek, (2) Battle of Plum Creek
Point Pleasant (1774): (1) Dunmore's War and the Battle of Point Pleasant from Ohio History Central
Pueblo Indian Revolt (1696): (1) Pueblo Indian Revolt, 1696 from Early Mexican History, (2) Pueblo Revolt at PBS, (3) Couriers Of The 1680 Pueblo Revolt, (4) What Caused the Pueblo Revolt of 1680?
Sand Creek Massacre (November 1864): (1) Documents on the Sand Creek Massacre from PBS, (2) Battle of Sand Creek, (3) History of the Sand Creek Massacre from the National Park Service, (4) Sand Creek Massacre, (5) Notorious Fight at Sand Creek from Wild West, (6) Sand Creek - Cheyenne from Vol. 6, The North American Indian by E.S. Curtis
Sioux War (1876-1877): (1) Guide to Great Sioux War Takes People There, (2) Sioux Wars: Part 1 by P. Panzeri, (3) Mormon Cow
Sioux & Crow War: (1) Sioux & Crow Clash During The 1850's 
St. Clair's Defeat (November 1791): (1) Early America's Bloodiest Battle by R. Battin from News-Sentinel, Fort Wayne Indiana, (2) St. Clair's Defeat from Ohio History Central
Sugar Point (October 1898): (1) Battle of Sugar Point: Last Indian Battle in the United States
Tippecanoe (November 1811): (1) Battle of Tippecanoe by R. Beard, (2) Battle of Tippecanoe from Ohio History Central, (3) Tippecanoe Battlefield from Tippecanoe County Historical Association, (4) Battle of Tippecanoe
Trail of Tears (1836): (1) Trail of Tears from About North Georgia, (2) Brief History of The Trail of Tears, (3) Accounts of the 'Cherokee Trail of Tears' with Reference to 'Princess Otahki', (4) Trail Where They Cried, (5) John G. Burnett’s Story of the Removal of the Cherokees
Washita: (1) Battle of Washita, (2) Story of the Battle of the Washita from National Park Service, (3) Story of the Battle of the Washita, (4) Battle of the Washita by G.A. Custer
Wounded Knee (December 1890): (1) Lakota Accounts of the Massacre at Wounded Knee from PBS, (2) Wounded Knee Home Page, (3) Massacre At Wounded Knee, 1890, (4) What was the Battle of Wounded Knee in 1890?, (5) 1890 Massacre at Wounded Knee, (6) Wounded Knee Massacre, (7) Wounded Knee Massacre, (8) Massacre at Wounded Knee, (9) Battle of Wounded Knee Creek South Dakota. See Also: Ghost Dance.
Whitestone Hill (September 1863): (1) Whitestone Hill: A Place in History
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