American Indian Biographies-
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Below is an indexed list of links to individual biography sites. This is a companion page to a EduScapes 42eXplore project on American Indians. You may also want to connect to the other two companion pages for the project: (1) Indian Battles, Movements, & Events and (2) American Indian Tribes and Cultures.
Big Foot: (1) Big Foot at PBS The West,
Blackbird: (1) Blackbird from Sheldon's History and Stories of Nebraska
Black Hawk: (1) Black Hawk at Native Americans
Black Kette: (1) Black Kettle at PBS The West
Brant, Joseph: (1) Native Americans and Joseph Brant from PBS, (2) Joseph Brant (Thayendanegea), Mohawk
Buffalo Hump: (1) Buffalo Hump by R.E. Moore
Chief Joseph: See Joseph, Chief
Cochise: (1) Cochise: Chiricahua - Apache Chief from Powerful People, (2) Cochise & Geronimo at Desert USA
Crazy Horse: (1) Crazy Horse at PBS The West, (2) Chief Crazy Horse, (3) Life and Times of Crazy Horse (Timeline), (4) Crazy Horse: Story of a Brave Sioux Leader from Brown Quarterly, (5) Crazy Horse/Tashunkewitko, Oglala
Fools Crow, Frank: (1) Fools Crow: Ceremonial Chief - Teton Sioux from Powerful People,
Gall: (1) Gall at PBS The West, (2) Gall
Geronimo: (1) Geronimo from Powerful People, (2) Cochise & Geronimo at Desert USA, (3) Geronimo, His Own Story, (4) Geronimo - Apache Leader from, (5) Geronimo
Ishi: (1) Ishi and Yahi Culture from Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology, (2) Ishi Apparently Wasn't the Last Yahi by G. Kell, University of California at Berkeley, (3) Ishi: A Real-Life The Last Of The Mohicans, (4) Selected Photos of Ishi(5) Who Was Ishi? by G. Kell, (6) Ishi and Yahi Culture
Jack, Captain: (1) Captain Jack, Chief of the Modoc Indians, (2) Capt. Jack and the Modocs from the National Indian Wars Association Inc., (3) Captain Jack
Joseph, Chief: (1) Chief Joseph at Native Americans, (2) Chief Joseph at PBS The West, (3) Chief Joseph at Old West Gravesites, (4) Chief Joseph from Powerful People, (5) Chief Joseph Speaks from PBS, (6) Pursuit and Capture of Chief Joseph by C.E.S. Wood from PBS, (7) Chief Joseph, Nez Perce (Nimiputimt), (8) Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce
Looking Glass: (1) Looking Glass at PBS The West
Mankiller, Wilma: (1) Wilma Mankiller Former Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation at Powerful People, (2) Wilma Mankiller at National Women's Hall of Fame
McIntosh, William: (1) William McIntosh
Musgrove, Mary: (1) Mary Musgrove, Queen of the Creek, (2) Mary Musgrove Bosomworth c.1700 - 1765, (3) Mary Musgrove Matthews Bosomworth
Osceola: (1) Osceola at Native Americans, (2) Osceola
Parker, Cynthia Ann: (1) Fort Parker & Cynthia Ann Parker at Texas Cultures, (2) Cynthia Ann Parker - Comanche (Adopted) by J. White, (3) Parker, Cynthia Ann from Handbook of Texas
Parker, Ely S.: (1) Warrior in Two Worlds from PBS, (2) Ely Samuel Parker, (3) Ely Samuel Parker
Parker, Quanah: (1) Quanah Parker at Texas Cultures, (2) Quanah Parker by G. Jackson, (3) Quanah Parker: A Texas Legend from Texas Trails, (4) Quanah Parker - A Texas Legend, (5) Quanah Parker to Governor Campbell, 1909 from Texas State Library
 Picotte: Susan LaFlesche: (1) Susan LaFlesche Picotte at American West, (2) Susan La Flesche Picotte (1865-1915) from U.S. National Library of Medicine, (3) Susan LaFlesche Picotte (1865-1915)
Pocahontas: (1) Pocahontas at Native Americans
Pomp: (1) Pomp: The True Story of the Baby on the Sacagawea Dollar (An Online E-book for Kids by L. Sonneborn) 
Pontiac: (1) Pontiac at Native Americans, (2) Pontiac's War from Ohio History Central, (3) Ottawa Chief Pontiac, (4) Pontiac form Ohio History Central, (5) Chief Pontiac's Siege of Detroit from Detroit News
Popé: (1) Popé at PBS The West
Red Cloud: (1) Red Cloud at PBS The West, (2) Two Sioux Chiefs from Sheldon's History and Stories of Nebraska
Sacajawea: (1) Sacajawea at Native Americans, (2) Sacagawea at PBS The West, (3) Letter (Ficticous) to Pomp by Sacagawea, (4) Sacagawea from PBS Online, (5) Sacajawea?
—Sakakawea?—Sacagawea? by I.W. Anderson See also: Pomp.
Seattle, Chief: (1) Did Chief Seattle Really Say, 'The Earth Does Not Belong to Man; Man Belongs to the Earth' by P. Stekel from Wild West, HistoryNet, (2) Seattle from Powerful People
Sequoyah: (1) Sequoyah at Native Americans, (2) Sequoyah from Powerful People, (3) Sequoyah (a.k.a George Gist)
Sitting Bull: (1) Sitting Bull at Native Americans, (2) Sitting Bull at PBS The West, (3) Sitting Bull from Powerful People, (4) Sitting Bull, (5) Sitting Bull from Spectrum Biographies, (6) Account of Sitting Bull's Death by J. McLaughlin from PBS, (7) Chief Sitting Bull
Slocum, Frances: (1) Frances Slocum, the White Rose of the Miamis
Spotted Tail: (1) Two Sioux Chiefs from Sheldon's History and Stories of Nebraska, (2) Chief Spotted Tail
Squanto: (1) Squanto at Native Americans, (2) History of Thanksgiving: Friendly Indian? by B. Petro, (3) History of Tisquantum by C. Johnson
Tecumseh: (1) Tecumseh at Native Americans, (2) Tecumseh: Chief of The Shawnee, (3) Tecumseh's Confederacy from Ohio History Central, (3) Tecumseh, (4) Words of Tecumseh and the Prophet
Thorpe, Jim: (1) Jim Thorpe from Denton Family Genealogy, (2) Jim Thorpe: Athlete of the Century Campaign
Tzoe: aka 'Peaches.' (1) Peaches: The Reluctant Warrior at DesertUSA
Victorio: (1) Victorio from the Handbook of Texas
Winnemucca, Sarah: (1) Sarah Winnemucca from the National Women's Hall of Fame
Wovoka: aka Jack Wilson. (1) (5) Wovoka: Jack Wilson (c.1856-1932) from PBS
Zitkala-Sa: (1) Impressions of an Indian Childhood from University of Virginia Library, (2) A Warrior's Daughter from University of Virginia Library, (3) The Soft-Hearted Sioux from University of Virginia Library
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