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Below is an indexed list of links to sites on specific American Indian tribes and cultures. This is a companion page to an EduScapes 42eXplore project on American Indians. Before you return to the main page, you might also want to connect to the other two companion pages for the project: (1) American Indian Biographies - A to Z and (2) Indian Battles, Movements, & Events.
Comprehensive Index Sites
Regional Index Sites
Sites for Individual Tribes and Cultures
Abenaki: (1) Abenaki Home Page, (2) Abenaki History by L. Sultzman, (3) Traditional Abenaki of
Mazipskwik & Related Bands, (4) Who Were the Abenaki Indians?, (5) Abenaki-People of the Dawn Land, (6) Abenaki (Abanaki, Abenakis, Alnombak) from Native Languages of the Americas
Algonquin: (1) Algonquin & Great Lakes Tribes from Native Americans, (2) Algonkin History by L.
Sultzman, (3) Algonquins, (4) Algonquin Tribe and Nation, (5) I Am Algounquin
Apache: (1) Apache from Native Americans, (2) Apache Indians from the Handbook of Texas
Online, (3) Inde (Apache) Literature, (4) Texas Apaches by R.E. Moore, (5) Lipan Apaches in Texas by M. Meacham, (6) Apache People of the Southwestern Deserts from DesertUSA, (7) Apache, (8) Fort Sill Apache, (9) Chiricahua Apaches
Arapaho: (1) Information on the Arapaho Indian Culture, (2) Arapaho, (3) Arapaho. See Also:
Atsugewi: (1) Atsugewi Indian Tribe of California by Katelyn L., (2) Atsugewi
Beothuk: (1) Beothuk (Beothuck, Skraeling, Red Indian) from Native Languages of the Americas,
(2) Beothuk, (3) Beothuk of Newfoundland, (4) Beothuks, (5) What happened to the Beothuk Indians? by B. Ricketts
Blackfeet (Blackfoot): (1) Blackfoot Nation, (2) Blackfeet Nation, (3) Blackfoot Confederacy, (4)
Blackfoot Nationa, (5) Land of the Blackfeet
Caddo: (1) Caddo, (2) Caddo Indians at Texas Indians, (3) Caddo Indians from Catholic
Encyclopedia, (4) History of the Caddo Indians by W.B. Glover, (5) Caddo Indians by A. Ford, (6) Caddo Indians from Handbook of Texas
Cahuilla: (1) Agua Caliente Band of Cahuillas from Agua Caliente Tribal Council, (2) Agua Caliente
Band of Cahuilla Indians, (3) Little Information About The Cahuilla, (4) Cahuilla of the Mojave & Sonoran Deserts from DesertUSA
California Tribes: (1) Origins of California's Tribes by T. Beckman, Harvey Mudd College, (2)
California & Intermountain Seed Gatherers at Native Americans, (3) California Native Americans 1997 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge, (4) California Intermountain Culture, (5) Barona Band of Mission Indians, (6) Costanoans, the Ohlone, and Prehistory of San Francisco Bay, (7) California Indian Museum and Cultural Center
Catawba: (1) Catawba History by L. Sultzman, (2) Catawba People, (3) South Carolina Indians - The
Catawba, (4) Information on the Catawba Indian Nation in South Carolina
Cherokee: (1) Cherokee at Native Americans, (2) Cherokee Nation, (3) United Keetoowah Band
of Cherokee Indians, (4) History of the Cherokee by K. Martin, (5) Cherokee History in Georgia, (6) Cherokee History by L. Sultzman, (7) Trail of Tears, (8) Cherokee Indians, (9) Cherokees of California, (10) Moondove's Spiral Cherokee Page, (11) Cherokee Nation, (12) Cherokee, (13) United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee
Cheyenne: (1) Cheyenne History, (2) Cheyenne Indians, (3) Cheyenne Indians from
DiscoverySchool, (3) Cheyenne Indians, (4) Cheyenne-Arapaho,
Chickasaw: (1) Chickasaw Nation, (2) Chickasaw Indians from Handbook of Texas, (3) Chickasaw
History by L. Sultzman, (4) Chickasaw, (5) Information on the Chickasaw Indian Tribe's History
Chinook: (1) Chinook Indians from DiscoverySchool, (2) Chinook Tribes, (3) Chinook Indian, (4)
Wisham and Chinook
Choctaw: (1) Choctaw, (2) Choctaw Indian, (3) Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, (4) Mississippi Band
of Choctaw Indians, (5) Choctaw Nation Of Oklahoma, (6) Choctaw Nation, (7) Choctaw Indians from Catholic Encyclopedia
Chumash: (1) Chumash Indians (3rd Grade Project), (2) Daily Life in a Chumash Village from Santa
Barbara Museum of Natural History, (3) Chumash Indians, (4) Chumash Indians, (5) California's First Oceanographers: The Chumash Indians, (6) Wishtoyo: Home of the Chumash
Comanche: (1) Comanche by T. LongHorn, (2) Comanche Indian Reservation from the Handbook of
Texas, (3) Yamparika from the Handbook of Texas, (4) Notes from 'The North American Indian' by E. Curtis (Vol. 19-Comanche), (5) Comanche Indians from the Handbook of Texas, (6) Comanche Indians and Texas, (7) Comanche Indian, (8) Comanche History by L. Sultzman
Creek: (1) Creek Indians, (2) Study of the Creek Indians by J.R. Shelby, (3) Creek Indians, (4)
Among the Creeks, (5) Introduction to the Creek Nation, (6) Muscogee (Creek) History, (7) Muscogee (Creek), (8) Creek Indian
Cree: (1) Quebec's Northern Crees, (2) Cree Indians at DiscoverySchool, (3) Cree Tribal
Homepages, (4) Cree from Catholic Encyclopedia, (5) Cree Nation of Mistissini, (6) Cree Indian
Crow: (1) Crow Indians, (2) Crow Indians at DiscoverySchool, (3) Crow Tribe Overview, (4) Crow
Delaware (Also known as Lenape): (1) Delaware Tribe of Indians, (2) Delaware (Lenape) Tribe of
Indians, (3) Delaware History by L. Sultzman, (4) Delaware Indians from Ohio History Central, (5) Delaware Indians, (6) Delaware Tribe of Eastern Oklahoma, (7) Delaware Indian, (8) Lenape Indians
Flathead (Salish): (1) Flathead, (2) Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Indian
Reservation, (3) Salish, Kootenai and Pend d'Oreille, (4) Flathead from the Catholic Encyclopedia, (5) Flathead Tribe
Gabrielino (Tongva): (1) Gabrielino Tribe by Luke K., (2) Wild Foods of the Gabrielino by C.
Nyerges, (3) Before the Padres by S.L. Morris, (4) Gabrielino Material Culture, (5) Gabrielino Tongva Springs Foundation
Hopi: (1) Intro to Culture, (2) Hopi, (3) Hopi Tribe, (4) Hopi Indians, (5) Hopi from People of the
Colorado Plateau, (6) Hopi Cultural Preservation Office
Houma: (1) Who were the Houma Indians?, (2) Houma History by L. Sultzman, (3) Story of the
Houmas Indians of Louisiana by J. Viey
Hupa: (1) Hupa-Volume 13 from 'The North American Indian' by E. Curtis, (2) Hupa from
Athabascan Language Group, (3) Hupa from California Historical Society, (4) Hupa Artifacts from Logan Museum
Huron (Also known as Wyandotte): (1) Huron History by L. Sultzman, (2) Wyandotte, (3) Hurons:
Allied to the French, (4) Wyandot Nation of Kansas, (5) Huron, (6) Huron Indians
Inuit (Nunavut): (1) Inuit at Native Americans, (2) Basic Facts: The Land and People, (3) Inuit
Culture: Resources for Educators by J. Tagak, (4) Aboriginal Peoples: The Inuit, (5) Inuit 3D Museum, (6) Inuit Culture
Iowa: (1) Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma, (2) Iowa Indian Tribe, (3) Iowa of Oklahoma
Iroquois: (1) Iroquois at Native Americans, (2) Iroquois Nation, (3) Iroquois History by L. Sultzman,
(4) Irquois Nation, (5) Iroquois Indians at Ohio History Central
Kickapoo: (1) Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas by Rebecca Brush, (2) Kickapoo, (3) Kickapoo
Indian History, (4) Kickapoo Indians from Handbook of Texas, (5) Kickapoo Indians from Catholic Encyclopedia
Kiowa: (1) Kowa Indians from the Handbook of Texas, (2) Kiowa Literature, (3) Texas Kiowa
Indians by R.E. Moore, (4) Kiowa, (5) Who Were the Kiowa Indian Tribe?
Kumeyaay: (1) Kumeyaay Story, (2) Kumeyaay Indians, (3) Kumeyaay Indians (WebQuest) by C.
Ladley, (4) Campo Kumeyaay, (5) Kumeyaay (Diegueño) of San Diego County & Baja from DesertUSA
LaKota Dakota: See Sioux.
Lenape: See Delaware.
Mahican: See Mohican.
Mattole: (1) Mattole from Athabascan Language Group,
Menominee: (1) Menominee Culture Institute, (2) Menominee History by L. Sultzman, (3)
Menominee History, (4) Who Were the Menominee Indians?
Miami: (1) Miami, (2) Miami History by L. Sultzman, (3) Miami Indian Culture, (4) Miami Nations,
(5) Miami Indians from Ohio History Central
Micmac: (1) Micmac History by L. Sultzman, (2) Micmac History, (3) Micmac, (4) Mi'kmaq, (5)
Mi'kmaq (Mi'kmawi'simk, Mi'kmaw, Micmac, Mikmaq) from Native Languages of the Americas
Miwok: (1) Miwok by L. Ashcroft from Marin County Historical Society, (2) Miwok Indians of
Yosemite from Woodland School, (3) Native Americans from Calaveras Big Trees State Park, (4) Miwok History from ThinkQuest, (5) Miwok Information
Modoc: (1) Modoc Indians: A Native American Saga, (2) Modoc, (3) Modoc, (4) Modoc
Mohican: (1) Stockbridge Munsee Tribe of Mohican Indians, (2) Mohican Nation: Stockbridge-
Munsee Band, (3) Mahican History by L. Sultzman, (4) Mohicans: Children of the Delaware, (5) Mohicans: War Comes to Stockbridge
Mohawk: (1) Kahniakehake (People of the Flint), (2) Mohawk Nation, (3) Wampum Chronicles, (4)
Mohawk Nation of Akwesasne
Mohegan: (1) Mohegan History by L. Sultzman, (2) Mohegan Tribe, (3) Mohegan, (4) Mohegan
Tribe of Connecticut, (5) Mohegan Indians from DiscoverySchool, (6) Native American Mohegans
Montagnais (Innu): (1) Montagnais History by L. Sultzman, (2) Innu History, (3) Innu Nation / Mamit
Innuat, (4) Information About Innu History and Culture,
Mojave Indians: (1) Mojave Indians from National Park Service, (2) Fort Mojave by W.E.
Mutschler, (3) Fort Mojave Indian Tribe, (4) Fort Mojave
Narragansett: (1) Narragansett Indian Tribe, (2) Narragansett Indian Tribe, (3) Narragansett History
by L. Sultzman, (4) Narragansett Indian Tribe: A Local Legacy
Navajo: (1) Navajo at Native Americans, (2) Navajo, (3) Navajo, (4) Navajo Indians, (5) Navajo
Indians at DiscoverySchool, (6) Dine (Navajo) Literature, (7) Living in the Navajo Past...
Nez Perce: (1) Sacred Journey of the Nez Perce from Idaho PTV, (2) Nez Perce Literature, (3) Nez
Perce Indians..., (4) Nez Perce Tribe, (5) Nez Perce by D.E. Walker, Jr. and P.N. Jones, (6) Selections from 'With the Nez Perces:' Alice Fletcher in the Field, 1889-92 by E.J. Gay from PBS 
Nunavut: See Inuit.
Ojibwe: (1) Ojibwe History by L. Sultzman, (2) Ojibwe Culture from Indian Country Wisconsin, (3)
Ojibwe Culture, (4) Short History of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, (4) Ojibwe
Ohlone: (1) Muwekma Ohlone, (2) Ohlone Indians, (3) Ohlone Project for Kids, (4) Overview of
Ohlone Culture
Omaha: (1) Omaha Tribe, (2) History of Omaha Indian Tribe, (3) Omaha Tribe, (4) Omaha Tribe
Oneida: (1) Oneida Indian Nation, (2) Oneida Indians Tribe, (3) Oneida Nation, (4) Oneida Indians of
Osage: (1) Osage Research, (2) Osage Links, (3) Osage, (4) Osage Tribe, (5) Osage Indian Heritage,
(6) Osage Indian, (7) Osage Nation
Otoe: (1) Otoe-Missouri
Ottawa: (1) Ottawa, (2) Ottawa Indians from Ohio History Central, (3) Ottawa History by L.
Sultzman, (4) Ottawas (Outaouaes) from W.G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas
Pawnee: (1) Pawnee from Sheldon's History and Stories of Nebraska, (2) Pawnee, (3) Pawnee
Nation of Oklahoma, (4) Pawnee Indian Studies (Grade 1), (4) Pawnee History by A.E. Sheldon in History and Stories of Nebraska, (5) Pawnee Nation, (6) Pawnee Indians from Handbook of Texas, (7) Pawnee Indians
Penobscot: (1) Penobscot (Eastern Abnaki, Penawahpskewi, Penobscott) from Native Languages of
the Americas, (2) Penobscot Indians from the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia, (3) Penobscot Indian Nation, (4) Penobscot: A People and Their River by Paul Bisulca
Peoria: (1) Peoria, (2) Peoria tribe of Oklahoma, (3) Peoria Indians from Catholic Encyclopedia
Pequot: (1) Who Were the Pequot Indians?, (2) Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center,
(3) Pequot Tribe, (4) Pequot History from L. Sultzman
Plains Indian: (1) Plains Indians at Native Americans
Pomo: (1) Pomo People: Brief History, (2) Pomo Indian Tribes of California, (3) Pomo, (4) Pomo
from Four Directions Institute
Poncas: (1) Story of the Poncas from Sheldon's History and Stories of Nebraska, (2) Ponca, (3)
Ponca Indians
Potawatomi: (1) Prairie Band of Potawatomi Nation, (2) Citizen Potawatomi Nation, (3) Citizen
Potawatomi, (4) Potawatomi Nation Indians Tribe
Powhatan: (1) Powhatan Renape Nation, (2) Virginia's Indian Tribes: The Powhatan Confederacy, (3)
Powhatan Indian Lifeways from National Park Service, (4) Short History of the Powhatan Indians from Potomac Appalachian Trail Club
Pueblo: (1) Pueblo from Native Americans, (2) Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, (3) Pueblo Indian
Influence by L. Cordell, (4) Information about the Pueblo Indians, (5) Gran Quivira: A Blending of Cultures in a Pueblo Indian Village from National Park Service, (6) Pueblo Bonito 1995 Site Guide, (7) New Mexico's Pueblo Indians
Quapaw: (1) Quapaw, (2) Official Quapaw Website
Sac and Fox (Asakiwaki (Sauk) and Meshkwahkihaki (Mesquakie/Fox)) : (1) Sac and Fox Nation,
(2) Sac & Fox, (3) Sauk and Fox Indians, (4) Sauk and Fox History by L. Sultzman
Seminole: (1) Seminole from Native Americans, (2) Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, (3)
Unconquered Seminoles by D.J. Murray, (4) Florida of the Seminoles, (5) Seminoles, (6) Seminole Wars, (7) Black Seminole Indians from Handbook of Texas, (8) Seminole
Seneca: (1) Seneca-Cayuga, (2) Seneca Nation of Indians, (3) Seneca Indians from this Seneca's
Perspective, (4) Seneca Nation of Indians: Tonawanda Reservation
Shawnee: (1) United Tribe of Shawnee Indians, (2) Shawnee History, (3) Shawnee Indian Page, (4)
Culture of the Shawnee Indian Tribe, (5) Shawnee, (6) Absentee Shawnee, (7) Eastern Shawnee, (8) Shawnee
Sioux: (1) Guide to the Great Sioux Nation, (2) Rosebud Reservation: Take A Tour With Little Sioux,
(3) Sioux Indians from Catholic Encyclopedia, (4) Sioux at Encarta Encyclopedia, (5) Sioux Heritage, (6) Great Sioux Nation from History Channel, (7) Lakota na Dakota Wowapi Oti Kin, (8) Lakota/Nakota/Dakota by K.M. Strom
Shoshone (Snake): (1) Shoshone Indians from PBS, (2) Shoshone Indians at DiscoverySchool, (3)
Shoshoni Indians by B.D. Madsen, (4) Shoshoni Tribe Overview, (5) Shoshone-Bannock Indians History/Links
Taos: (1) Taos Indians, (2) New Mexico Pueblos, (3) Continuing Saga: Blue Lake. See Also: Pueblo
Timbisha Shoshone: (1) Death Valley Native People, (2) Timbisha Shoshone Tribe. See Also: Shoshane.
Tolowa: (1) Tolowa from Athabascan Language Group, (2) Tolowa at Four Directions Institute
Tonkawa: (1) Tonkawa Indians of Texas, (2) Tonkawa, (3) Tonkawas: Indians of Central Texas, (4)
Tonkawa Indians from Handbook of Texas
Ute: (1) Southern Ute Tribal History, (2) Ute Indian Tribe, (3) History of Utes, (4) Northern Ute
Home Page
Wampanoag: (1) Wampanoag History by L. Sultzman, (2) Interview Transcript: 'Fast Turtle,' Russell
Peters from Scholastic, (3) Wampanoag, (4) Wampanoag Tribes, (5) Wampanoag People
Wailaki: (1) Wailaki from Athabascan Language Group,
Wichita: (1) Wichita Indians of Texas, (2) Wichita, (3) Wichita Indians from Handbook of Texas
Wyandotte: See Huron.
Yokut: (1) History of Our People (Tachi Yokut), (2) Yokut (photographs), (3) Foothill Yokut Tribe
Yorok: (1) Yurok Indians by Annie D., (2) Yurok Indians, (3) Yurok Home Page, (4) Alfred Kroeber
and the Klamath River Yurok
Yuchi: (1) Yuchi, (2) Who Were the Mysterious Yuchi of Tennessee and the Southeast? 
Zuni: (1) Zuni Civilization, (2) Zuni, (3) Zuni by T.J. Ferguson, (4) Zuni, (5) Information on the Zuni
Indian Tribe, (6) Zuni Fetishes, (7) Centuries of Zuni Agriculture
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