Television Programs

This webpage one of two companion sites to a 42eXplore project on Television from eduScapes. Visit the other two locations for lots more information, links, and activities related to television technology. The other webpage is titled TV Broadcasters & Production/Distribution Groups and contains links to television stations, networks, and more. Below, you find links to a selected list of websites for specific television series. Look there to see if your favorite is linked.
"I Saw It On TV..." by C. Smith and updated by Mitchell Multimedia Center, Northwestern University
This is an online guide to broadcast and cable programming sources.
Selected Programs
Africans in America: (1) Africans in America, (2) Africans in America from PBS
American Dreams from NBC
American Experience from PBS
American Family from PBS
American Stories by Ken Burns from PBS
Antiques Roadshow from PBS
Arthur from PBS Kids
Artists Workshop
Backyard Jungle
Barney: (1) Barney and Friends from PBS Kids, (2) Barney Online
Bernie Mac Show from Fox
Between the Lions from PBS Kids
Bill Nye "Science Guy": Bill Nye
Blue's Clues from Nick Jr.
Bob the Builder from Nick Jr.
Boston Public from Fox
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: (1) Buffy from UPN, (2) BuffyGuide
Building Big from PBS
Caillou from PBS Kids
Cancer: A Personal Voyage
Cartoon Factory by Jim Gilbert
Clifford from PBS Kids
Cyberchase from PBS Kids
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation from CBS
Don't Buy It from PBS Kids
Dora the Explorer from Nick Jr.
Dragon Tales from PBS Kids
Education News Parents Can Use from U.S. Dept. of Education
Everybody Loves Raymond from CBS
Franklin from Nick Jr.
Friends from NBC
Frontline from PBS
George Shrinks from PBS Kids
It's My Life from PBS Kids
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures
King of the Hill from Fox
Kratt's Creatures: (1) Kratt's Creatures from PBS, (2) Kratt Brothers
Law & Order from NBC
Legacy of the Silver Shadow (Australia)
Liberty's Kids from PBS Kids
Little Bear from Nick Jr.
Malcolm in the Middle from Fox
Masterpiece Theatre, ExxonMobil from PBS
Max & Ruby from Nick Jr.
McLaughlin Group
Maggie from Nick Jr.
Magic School Bus from Scholastic
Maisy from Nick Jr.
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: (1) Mister Rogers' Neighborhood from PBS Kids, (2) Mister Rogers
from Family Communications
Monty Python: (1) Python Online
Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet from PBS
Nature Online from PBS
Nightly Business Report
Noggin from Nickelodeon and Children's Television Workshop
Newton's Apple from PBS
Oswald from Nick Jr.
Perennial Gardener from PBS
Plastic Fork Diaries
Reading Rainbow from PBS Kids
Red Green: (1) Red Green Show, (2) GI Red Green Page
Sagwa from PBS Kids
Science Odyssey from PBS
Scrubs: (1) Scrubs from NBC, (2) Scrubs from Touchstone Television
Sesame Workshop from Children's Television Workshop: (1) Sesame Street from PBS Kids, (2)
Sesame Workshop
Simpsons: (1) Simpsons, (2) Simpsons Archive
SpongeBob SquarePants from Nickelodeon
Star Trek: (1) How Star Trek Conquered Planet Earth from The Exploratorium
Stephen Hawking's Universe
Still Standing from CBS
Survivor from CBS
Teletubbies: (1) Teletubbies from PBS Kids, (2) Teletubbies from BBC
That '70s Show from Fox
Third Watch from NBC
This Old House
Thomas Eakins - Scenes from Modern Life from PBS
Victory Garden
West Wing: (1) West Wing from NBC, (2) West Wing from Warner Bros.
Will & Grace from NBC
Without A Trace from CBS
YTV (Canada)
Zaboomafoo from PBS Kids
Zoom: (1) Zoom from PBS Kids, (2) Interactive Television Pioneers: Zoom
Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 1/03.