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World War I Biographies

This webpage is a companion to a 42eXplore project on World War II from eduScapes. Here you can connect to over 400 biography sites with information and photographs of important people - - - and one lone bird of the era.
Addams, Jane: (1) Jane Addams from Spartacus Educational, (2) Jane Addams from Prairie
Pages, (3) Peace and Bread in Time of War by Jane Addams, (4) Jane Addams of Hull House by N. Segal from Scholastic, (5) Jane Addams from The Nobel Foundation, (6) Jane Addams, the Peacemaker from America's Story, (7) Jane Addams, Founder of Hull-House, is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize from History of Education
Baden-Powell, Robert: (1) My Adventures as a Spy by Sir Robert Baden-Powell, (2) Robert
Baden-Powell, Chief Scout of the World from The Pine Tree Web, (3) Baden-Powell of Gilwell, (4) Lord Robert Baden-Powell by W.S. Churchill
Balch, Emily: (1) Emily Balch from Spartacus Educational, (2) Emily Greene Balch: The First
Quaker Nobel Peace Prize Winner by I. Abrams, (3) Emily Greene Balch from The Nobel Foundation, (4) Intellectual Leader of the Women's Peace Movement, (5) Peacemaker Hero: Emily Greene Balch, (6) Emily Greene Balch: Pioneering Peacemaker (1867-1961) by M. Post Abbot from Friends Magazine
Ball, Albert: (1) Capt. Albert Ball: Britain's Heroic Ace, (2) Who's Who: Albert Ball, (3) Ball,
Albert from Victoria Cross Reference, (4) Albert Ball from Spartacus Educational, (5) Albert Ball
Barker, William George (Canadian fighter ace): (1) William George "Will" Barker, (2) Barker,
William George from Victoria Cross Reference, (3) Who's Who: William Barker, (4) Major William G. "Billy" Barker WWI Canadian Ace
Beaver, Wilfred: (1) Wilfred Beaver from Spartacus Educational, (2) Who's Who: Wilfred Beaver
Berkman, Alexander: (1) Alexander Berkman from Spartacus Educational, (2) Who Was
Alexander Berkman?, (3) Life of An Anarchist: The Alexander Berkman Reader reviewed by R. Creagh, (4) Alexander Berkman Archive from Anarchy Archives
Bishop, William Avery (Canadian fighter ace): (1) William Avery "Billy" Bishop, (2) Air Marshal
William Avery Bishop, (3) Bishop, William Avery from Victoria Cross Reference, (4) Who's Who: William Bishop, (5) William Avery Bishop, V.C. from Billy Bishop Heritage Museum, (6) William Avery ("Billy") Bishop from County of Grey-Owen Sound Museum, (7) Billy Bishop, (8) Legendary Canadian Ace Billy Bishop by R. Thistle
Breckinridge, Sophonisba: (1) Sophonisba Breckinridge from Spartacus Educational, (2)
Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge, (3) Sophonisba Breckinridge by N. Bettis
Brown, Arthur Roy (Canadian fighter ace): (1) Arthur Roy Brown, (2) Arthur Brown from The
Aerodrome, (3) British Aces of WW1 - Arthur Roy Brown
Bryan, William Jennings: (1) William Jennings Bryan from Spartacus Educational, (2) Who's
Who: William Jennings Bryan, (3) Letter Concerning William Jennings Bryan's Opinion of the Great War, (4) William Jennings Bryan, (5) William Jennings Bryan: American Protest Over the Sinking of the Lusitania, (6) William Jennings Bryan from NebraskaStudies, (7) William Jennings Bryan 1860-1925, (8) William Jennings Bryan from Earliest Voices
Bullard, Eugene Jacques: (1) Eugene Jacques Bullard, (2) Eugene Jacques Bullard Makes Mark
as World's First Black Fighter Pilot by by 2nd Lt. P. Oakes, (3) Eugene Jacques Bullard, (4) Eugene Jacques Bullard, (5) Eugene Jacques Bullard from Afro-American Almanac, (6) Black Swallow from African Atlantic Genealogical Society, (7) Bullard, Eugène Jacques, (8) Eugene J. Bullard from Georgiawings, (9) Black Swallow of Death by MSgt A. Pendleton, (10) Wings of Courage Study Guide from Mad River Theater Works, (11) "The Black Swallow" by A. P. Glesner
Bullard, Robert Lee: (1) Who's Who: Robert Lee Bullard, (2) Robert Lee Bullard from Alabama
Hall of Fame, (3) Vancouver Barracks Officer Travelled World, From the Philippines to Europe by M. Rose
Cavell, Edith: (1) Edith Cavell from BBC Schools Online, (2) Who's Who: Edith Cavell, (3) Nurse
Edith Cavell from Stephen's Study Room, (4) Edith Cavell from Spartacus Educational, (4) Intelligence Role of WWI Nurse from BBC News
Chavasse, Noel Godfrey: (1) Captain Noel Godfrey Chavasse, (2) Chavasse, Noel Godfrey from
Victoria Cross Reference, (3) Noel Chavasse from Spartacus Educational, (4) Captain Noel Godfrey Chavasse from The British Council, (5) Chavasse, Captain Noel Godfrey, RAMC
Clemenceau, Georges: (1) Georges Clemenceau, (2) Georges Clemenceau from Spartacus
Educational, (3) Beau Geste: Clemenceau, Wilson and the Fourteen Points, (4) Georges Clemenceau from Why We Go To War, (5) Georges Clemenceau 1841-1929 from PBS American Experience, (6) Clemenceau, Georges Eugene Benjamin from Phoenix Press
Cher Ami: (1) Cher Ami--World War I Carrier Pigeon, (2) Cher Ami from HistoryWired, (3)
Pigeons (Ab)Used During Wars, (4) Story of Cher Ami from Project PigeonWatch
Collishaw, Raymond (Canadian fighter ace): (1) Raymond Collishaw, (2) Who's Who: Raymond
Collishaw, (3) Ray Collishaw: WWI Canadian Ace, (4) Raymond Collishaw, BC's 1st Flying Ace
Crandell, Marion: (1) Marion G. Crandell (Crandall)1872-1918
Cukela, Louis: (1) Maj. Louis Cukela by B.K. Patrick, (2) Louis Cukela Citation from
Congressional Medal of Honor Society, (3) Louis Cukela from Alington National Cemetery
Davis, Richard Harding: (1) Richard Harding Davis from Spartacus Educational, (2) When War
Called, Davis Answered from Smithsonian Magazine, (3) Fall of Brussels by R.H. Davis, (4) Burning of Louvain by R.H. Davis, (5) Adventures and Letters of Richard Harding Davis by R.H. Davis, (6) Davis, Richard Harding from The Columbia Encyclopedia, (7) Richard Harding Davis (1864-1916) from PBS Online
Day, Dorothy: (1) Dorothy Day from Spartacus Educational, (2) Biography of Dorothy Day by J.
Forest from The Catholic Worker Movement, (3) America's Radical Past: Dorothy Day by S. Jarzombek from The Torch, (4) Biography of Dorothy Day by Jim Forest
Debs, Eugene Victor: (1) Eugene Debs from Spartacus Educational, (2) Eugene V. Debs from
EyeWitness, (3) Eugene Victor Debs, (4) Eugene V. Debs Internet Archive, (5) Eugene Debs and the Idea of Socialism by H. Zinn, (6) Debs v. United States, Supreme Court of the United States, (7) Eugene Debs from Earliest Voices
Dell, Floyd: (1) Floyd Dell from Spartacus Educational, (2) Floyd Dell
Diaz, Armando: (1) Who's Who: Armando Diaz, (2) Armando Diaz from Spartacus Educational,
(3) Biography of Armando Diaz
Eastman, Maz: (1) Max Eastman from Spartacus Educational, (2) Max Eastman, (3) Max
Eastman Quotations, (4) Max Eastman: Politics and Polemics by P. DiTallo
Ebert, Friedrich: (1) Friedrich Ebert, (2) Who's Who: Friedrich Ebert, (3) Who was Friedrich
Ebert?, (4) Who was Friedrich Ebert?
Fairchild, Helen: (1) Helen Fairchild from Spartacus Educational, (2) Nurse Helen Fairchild: My
Aunt, My Hero, (3) Army Nurse Helen Fairchild by B.K. Patrick
Ferdinand, Archduke Franz: (1) Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by B. Jevtic, (2)
Sarajevo, (3) Sarajevo, June 28, 1914: The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by M. Shackelford, (4) Assassination of an Archduke, 1914 from Eyewitness, (5) Who's Who: Archduke Franz Ferdinand, (6) Archduke Francis Ferdinand is Assassinated 1914, (7) Franz Ferdinand, Archduke, (8) 28th June 1914 - The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Fiske, Bradley Allen: (1) Who's Who: Bradley Allen Fiske, (2) Bradley Allen Fiske from Today
in Technology History
Fonck, René: (1) René Fonck: Highest Scoring Allied Ace, (2) René Fonck from Spartacus
Educational, (3) René Paul Fonck
George, David Lloyd: (1) David Lloyd George, (2) David Lloyd George 1863-1945 from PBS
American Experience, (3) David Lloyd George 1916 from BBC, (4) Who's Who: David Lloyd George, (5) David Lloyd George from National Library of Wales, (6) David Lloyd George from Spartacus Educational
Gibbons, Floyd: Floyd Gibbons at Belleau Wood from Trenches on the Web, (2) Sinking of RMS
Laconia by F. Gibbons, (3) Untitled Document
Gillet, Francis: (1) Francis Gillet from Spartacus Educational, (2) Who's Who: Frederick Gillet
Glasgow, Thomas William: Thomas William Glasgow
Gold, Michael: (1) Michael Gold from Spartacus Educational, (2) Michael Gold, Jews Without
Money #1
Goldman, Emma: (1) Emma Goldman from Spartacus Educational, (2) Emma Goldman Online
Exhibition, (3) Emma Goldman, (4) Emma Goldman, (5) Speech Against Conscription And War by E. Goldman, Anarchist, (6) Emma Goldman
Göring, Hermann: (1) Hermann Göring: German Ace of WWI, (2) Hermann Göring, (3) Herman
Wilheim Göring
Guynemer, Georges: (1) Georges Guynemer: Beloved French Ace, (2) Who's Who: Georges
Guynemer, (3) George Guynemer from Spartacus Educational, (4) Georges Guynemer, (5) Georges Guynemer
Hall, James Norman: High Adventure by J.N. Hall
Hamilton, Lloyd: (1) Who's Who: Lloyd Hamilton, (2) American Aces of WW1 - Lloyd Hamilton
Harbord, James: (1) Who's Who: James Harbord
Harrison, Hubert: (1) Hubert Harrison from Spartacus Educational, (2) Radicals Known and
Unknown by B. Fletcher, Jr. from Monthly Review
Hemingway, Ernest: (1) Ernest Hemingway from Spartacus Educational, (2) Ernest Hemingway
from TeenReads, (3) Ernest Hemmingway, (4) Life and Works of Ernest Hemingway, (5) Ernest Hemmingway, (6) Ernest (Miller) Hemingway (1898-1961), (7) Farewell to Arms (1929) from Salina High School South, (8) Hemingway Resource Center, (9) Prose & Poetry - Ernest Hemingway
House, Edward: (1) Edward House from Spartacus Educational, (2) Who's Who: Colonel House
Immelmann, Max: (1) Max Immelmann: First German Ace, (2) Max Immelmann from Spartacus
Educational, (3) Who's Who: Max Immelmann
Johnston, Charles L.: Life at Camp Funston: Reflections of Army Sergeant Charles L. Johnston
(Member of Ambulance Company 239) from Oklahoma State University
Keller, Helen: (1) Helen Keller from Spartacus Educational, (2) Socialist Legacy of Helen Keller,
(3) Life of Helen Keller, (4) Writer Hero: Helen Adams Keller, (5) Truth about Helen Keller from Rethinking Schools Online, (6) Helen Keller: Opponent of Injustice, Fighter for Socialism by M. Smith
Kelley, Florence: (1) Florence Kelley from Spartacus Educational, (2) Changing Labor
Conditions in Wartime by F. Kelley, (3) Angel Hero: Florence Kelley
Kindley, Field: (1) Who's Who: Field Kindley, (2) Arkies at War: Field Kindley of Gravette
Kitchener, Lord Horatio Herbert: (1) Kitchener's Address to the Troops, (2) Lord Kitchener of
Khartoum from BBC, (3) Lord Kitchener "Your Country Needs You!", (4) Lord Kitchener from Spartacus Educational, (5) Horatio Herbert Kitchener from Trenches on the Web
Landis, Reed: (1) Who's Who: Reed Landis, (2) Reed Gresham Landis, (3) American Aces of
WW1 - Reed Landis, (4) Maj. Reed Gresham Landis, RFC/USAS
Lansing, Robert: (1) Robert Lansing from Spartacus Educational, (2) Who's Who: Robert
Lansing, (3) Robert Lansing Papers, (4) History of the Secretary of State: Robert Lansing
Lawrence, Thomas Edward: (1) Who's Who: T.E. Lawrence, (2) Lawrence of Arabia Factfile by
J. Wilson, (3) About T. E. Lawrence from The T. E. Lawrence Society, (4) 27 Articles of T.E. Lawrence by T.E. Lawrence from The Arab Bulletin (1917), (5) Lawrence of Arabia, 1918 from EyeWitness, (6) Report on Mesopotamia by T.E. Lawrence
Lenin, Vladimer Illych aka Vladimir Illych Ulyanov: (1) Lenin, (2) Primary Documents: Lenin's
April Theses, April 1917, (3) Lenin Museum in Moscow, (4) Lenin Internet Archive, (5) Vladimir Lenin Biography, (6) Lenin Biography
Liggett, Hunter: (1) Knowing and Doing by Major M.E. Bigelow, (2) Liggett, Lieutenant General
Lippmann, Walter: (1) Walter Lippmann from Spartacus Educational, (2) Who's Who: Walter
Lippmann, (3) American Writers: Walter Lippmann, (4) Class Bios of Walter Lippman, (5) About the Other Walter Lippmann...
Lodge, Henry Cabot: (1) Henry Cabot Lodge 1863-1945 from PBS American Experience, (2)
Henry Cabot Lodge from Spartacus Educational, (3) Who's Who: Henry Cabot Lodge, (4) U.S. Senate History: Henry Cabot Lodge
Lufbery, Raoul: (1) Raoul Lufbery: Leading Ace of the Lafayette Escadrille, (2) Who's Who:
Raoul Lufbery, (3) Death of an Air Ace, 1918 from EyeWitness, (4) Major Raoul Lufbery
Luke, Frank: (1) Frank Luke from Spartacus Educational, (2) Frank Luke: The Arizona Balloon
Buster, (3) Who's Who: Frank Luke Jr, (4) 2nd Lt. Frank Luke by B.K. Patrick, (5) Man for His Time, (6) 2nd Lt. Frank Luke, Jr., USAS
MacArthur, Douglas: (1) MacArthur from PBS American Experience, (2) Douglas MacArthur
from Spartacus Educational, (3) Douglas MacArthur, (4) General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), (5) Douglas MacArthur by P. Thompson from People In America, (6) Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964) American General, (7) An Uncommon Soldier: Douglas MacArthur by S.E. Wilson from We the People
Mackay, Robert Lindsay: Robert Lindsay Mackay's First World War Diary (11th Batallion of the
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders)
MacLaren, Donald Roderick (Canadian fighter ace): (1) Donald Roderick MacLaren, (2) Who's
Who: Donald MacLaren, (3) Greatest Camel Ace by J. Guttman
MacLeod, Alan Arnett (Canadian aerial hero): (1) Alan Arnett MacLeod, (2) McLeod, Alan
Arnett from Victoria Cross Reference,
Mannock, Edward: (1) Edward "Mick" Mannock: Socialist Killer, (2) Who's Who: Edward
Mannock, (3) Mannock, Edward from Victoria Cross Reference, (4) Mick Mannock from Spartacus Educational, (5) Major Edward Corringham Mannock
Marshall, George: (1) George Marshall from Spartacus Educational, (2) Gen. George C. Marshall
by B.K. Patrick, (3) George C. Marshall from The Nobel Foundation, (4) George Catlett Marshall - A History, (5) Catlett, George (Marshall) (1880-1959)
Maxim, Sir Hiram: (1) Who's Who: Sir Hiram Maxim, (2) Hiram Maxim from Spartacus
Educational, (3) Sir Hiram Maxim from The Sangerville Library, (4) Sir Hiram Maxim: Mouse Traps and Machine Guns, (5) Sir Hiram Maxim (1840 - 1916)
McCudden, James: (1) Major James McCudden: Five Years in the Royal Flying Corps, (2) Who's
Who: James McCudden, (3) McCudden, James Thomas Byford from Victoria Cross Reference, (4) James McCudden from Spartacus Educational, (5) James McCudden
Milholland, Inez: (1) Inez Milholland from Spartacus Educational, (2) Freedom Hero: Inez
Milholland Boissevain by J.B. Phemister
Mitchell, Billy: (1) General Billy Mitchell, Milwaukee Native and Air Force Pioneer, (2) General
Billy Mitchell and the Ascension of Air Power, (3) Who's Who: William Mitchell, (4) Billy Mitchell: Aviator and Innovator, (5) William Mitchell (1879-1936), (6) Billy Mitchell, (7) The Real Billy Mitchell by R. Grant, (8) William "Billy" Mitchell, (9) William Mitchell from Spartacus Educational, (10) Billy Mitchell: Airpower Advocate
Nungesser, Charles: (1) Charles Nungesser: French Ace of WWI, (2) Who's Who: Charles
Nungesser, (3) Charles Nungesser, (4) Lt.Charles Nungesser, (5) White Dove: Airborne “Flying Dutchman”
Orlando, Vittorio: (1) Vittorio Orlando, (2) Who's Who: Vittorio Orlando
Part, Thomas Reginald: Diary of Thomas Reginald Part (Australian Soldier)
Paul, Alice: (1) Alice Paul from Spartacus Educational, (2) Alice Paul's Fight for Suffrage from
PBS's American Experience, (3) Alice Paul: We Want to Vote from Scholastic, (4) First Arrests (Interview), (5) Legacy of Alice Paul, (6) Legendary Feminist: Alice Paul
Pattrick, John Hezekiah ("Hezzie"): (1) Hezzie Goes to War (World War I through the Eyes of a
Mid-Missourian) from University of Missouri
Pershing, John J.: (1) John J. Pershing from Spartacus Educational, (2) Who's Who: John
Pershing, (3) Gen. John J. Pershing by B.K. Patrick, (4) Gen. John J. Pershing Boyhood Home, (5) General John J. Pershing, (6) Life of General John J. Pershing, (7) John J. Pershing, (8) John J. "Black Jack" Pershing from Arlington National Cemetery, (9) History of John Joseph Pershing
Pope, Thomas A.: (1) Cpl. Thomas A. Pope by B.K. Patrick
Princip, Gavrilo: (1) Gavrilo Princip from First World War, (2) Princip, Gavrilo
Randolph, Philip: (1) Philip Randolph from Spartacus Educational, (2) Biographical Notes on A.
Philip Randolph 1889 - 1979, (3) A. Philip Randolph, (4) A. Philip Randolph: The Trumpet of Mobilization, (5) A. Philip Randolph, 1889-1979 from George Meany Center for Labor Studies
John Reed: (1) John Reed from Red Biography, (2) John (Silas) Reed (1887-1920), (3) Notables:
John Reed- Journalist/Poet from Oregon Blue Book, (4) Die Biographie von John Reed (1887-1920), (5) Ten Days That Shook the World by J. Reed, (6) Discovering John Reed by H. Zinn, (7) John (Silas) Reed from LitWeb
Rickenbacker, Edward: (1) Edward "Eddie" Vernon Rickenbacker from The Aerodrome, (2)
Edward Vernon Rickenbacker (1890-1973), (3) Who's Who: Eddie Rickenbacker, (4) Fighting the Flying Circus by Captain E.V. Rickenbacker, (5) Edward Rickenbacker from Spartacus Educational, (6) Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, (7) Capt. Edward Rickenbacker by B.K. Patrick, (8) Fighting the Flying Circus by Capt. E.V. Rickenbacker
Roosen, Otto: Survival Over the Western Front, Interview by T. Sacher
Siegfried Sassoon: (1) Siegfried Sassoon from Bartleby, (2) Siegfried Sassoon 1886-1967, (3)
Siegfried Sassoon from Spartacus Educational, (4) Siegried Sassoon and WWI, (5) Siegfried Sassoon from Spartacus Educational
Shepley Sergeant, Elizabeth: (1) Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant from Spartacus Educational, (2)
Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant Papers from Yale University
Simpson, Jack: Illustrated Life of Simpson, the Man with the Donkey by T. Curran
Sims, William: (1) Who's Who: William Sims
Slack, Cecil Moorhouse (Infantry officer in the East Yorkshire Regiment): Cecil Slack and the
Great War
Staley, Lloyd Maywood: Letters Home from the War
Steffens, Lincoln: (1) Lincoln Steffens from Spartacus Educational, (2) Lincoln Steffens: The
Shame of the Cities (1904), (3) Pittsburg: A City Ashamed by L. Steffens, (4) Enemies of the Republic by L. Steffens, (5) Lincoln Steffens, Introduction to The Shame of the Cities (1904)
Stones, William: (1) William Stones - Executed at Dawn from First World War
Taft, William: (1) William Taft from Spartacus Educational, (2) William Howard Taft from World
Almanac for Kids, (3) William Howard Taft, (4) William Howard Taft, (5) William Howard Taft
Thomas, Norman: (1) Norman Thomas from Spartacus Educational, (2) Thomas, Norman
(Mattoon), (3) Thomas, Norman [Mattoon]
Thomson, Andrew Cecil Meredith: Field Diaries of the First World War by A.C.M. Thomson
Three Men: Boys From The Old Swan (War stories of 3 men from Wrexham, North Wales)
Udet, Ernst: (1) Ernst Udet: German Ace, (2) Who's Who: Ernst Udet, (3) Ernst Udet - Knight of
the Iron Cross, (4) Ernst Udet and his Fokker Dr-1, (5) Ernst Udet from Spartacus Educational
Vaughn, George: (1) Ace From Brooklyn by J. Guttman, (2) George A. Vaughn, Jr.
von Bethmann-Hollweg, Theobald: (1) Who's Who: Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg, (2)
Theobold von Bethmann-Hollweg
von Richthofen, Manfred: (1) Manfred von Richthofen from Spartacus Educational, (2) The Red
Fighter Pilot by M. von Richthofenm, (3) Manfred von Richthofen from Wikipedia, (4) Baron Manfred von Richthofen, (5) Manfred von Richthofen: The Red Baron, (6) Red Baron: Rittmeister Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, (7) Red Baron: Rittmeister Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, (8) Red Fighter Pilot by M. von Richthofen
von Lettow-Vorbeck, General Paul: My Reminiscences of East Africa by Gen. P. von Lettow-
Wald, Lillian: (1) Lillian Wald from Women of Valor, (2) Lillian D. Wald 1867 - 1940 from
Profiles in Caring, (3) Lillian Wald
Wharton, Edith: (1) Edith Wharton from Spartacus Educational, (2) Edith Wharton's World, (3)
Biographical Information about Edith Wharton from the Edith Wharton Society, (4) Edith Wharton (1862-1937), (5) Edith Wharton - (1862-1937) by I.Gross and M. Avila, (6) Edith Wharton from The Literature Network
Wilhelm II, Kaiser: (1) Kaiser Wilhelm II 1859-1941, (2) Kaiser Wilhelm II's Account of Events,
July, 1914, (3) Kaiser Wilhelm II & World War I, (4) Germany's Last Kaiser - Wilhelm II and . .
Wilson, Woodrow: (1) President Wilson's Declaration of Neutrality, (2) Woodrow Wilson as
Commander-in-Chief by M.J. McCarthy, (3) Woodrow Wilson and the Fourteen Points, (4) President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points from The Avalon Project, Yale Law School, (5) Woodrow Wilson, (6) Woodrow Wilson from PBS American Experience, (7) Woodrow Wilson from Spartacus Educational, (8) Woodrow Wilson's Administration from First World War
Williams, Harry (British soldier): Trenches and Trees
Wood, Leonard: (1) Leonard Wood from Spartacus Educational, (2) Who's Who: Leonard Wood,
(3) Leonard Wood from Arlington National Cemetery
Young, Art: (1) Art Young from Spartacus Educational, (2) Art Young
York, Alvin Cullum (Sergeant): (1) Alvin Cullum York (1887-1964) from Medal of Honor
Recipients on Film, (2) Real Sergeant York by T.A. Burzynski from The New American, (3) Who's Who: Alvin C. York, (4) Sgt. Alvin York by B.K. Patrick, (5) Alvin Cullum York, (6) Life of Sergeant York: The Story of an American Hero, (7) Sergeant Alvin C. York by J.M. Baldridge, (8) Alvin C. York
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