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Christmas Around the World

Easier - Christmas is a Christian holiday that remembers the birth of Jesus on December 25. Today many people of different religions and cultures join in the celebration of Christmas.
Harder - The word Christmas is derived from Cristes maesse, an Old English phrase that means Christ's Mass. The exact date of Christ's birth is not known, but most Christians commemorate Christmas on December 25. On this day, many go to their church where special religious services are held.
Christmas is also a popular secular holiday. During the Christmas season, people exchange gifts and decorate their homes with holly, mistletoe, and Christmas trees with lights and shiny ornaments. 
December Holidays
A giant links site that connects to Christmas sites around the world.
Similar Websites:
2) Christmas
3) Christmas
Learn how Christmas is celebrated around the world and the origin of Christmas traditions. A kids' section has interactive games.
Christmas Go toWorld History & to Holidays Around The World
Next to Easter, Christmas is the most important holiday of the year for Christians. Customs differ around the world for observing Christmas, but they all center on celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
Christmas Thoughts and Poems
Read about the meaning and spirit of Christmas
Christmas Traditions and Customs Around the World (Links-site)
After exploring some of the 'Christmas Around the World' websites, complete one or more activities.
Complete a Project at Idea Box. Choose from lots of different ideas for crafts, activities, recipes, games and more at the Idea Box. Share your creation or gift with a friend or family member. Or if you don't find something to strike your holiday fancy there, try the activities and ideas at Homemade Holiday Gifts.
Complete a Christmas WebQuest. Adapt or follow the directions to complete one of these webQuests: 
1) Christmas Around the World
2) Christmas Traditions (Primary grades)
3) Santa's Supreme Team
4) Cub Scout Christmas WebQuest
Make and Share Some Christmas Treats. Have an adult assist or supervise as you complete one or more of the recipes found at sites like: 
1) Merry
2) Holiday Cookbook
Be A Christmas Toys Consumer Investigator. After careful research and consideration, make your 'Top Ten Toys' list for children. First identify the criteria that you use in your judgment. You might find some help at Dr. Toy's Guide. For another challenge, you might want to identify the 'Ten Worst Toys'.
Compare And Contrast Christmas Traditions. Visit sites like Christmas, Christmas Around the World, and Merry Christmas to learn about Christmas in other countries. Then select two different countries and then compare and contrast their Christmas observances.
Christmas at Critical Mass
This links site connects you to a rich assortment of resources related to Christmas including a calendar, photos from around the world, lyrics for songs, and much, much more.
Christmas at
Learn about Christmas traditions around the world, specifically about caroling, Santa, eggnog, and gingerbread.
Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! from Not Just for Kids!
Here you find the Christmas story from the Bible (Luke 2), links to Santa Claus information, Christmas traditions, songs of the season, stories and poems, and lots more holiday fun.
Christmas Traditions in France and in Canada
Three different aspects are presented: social and communal customs , family celebrations and religious ceremonies.
Online Christmas Songbook
Here you find hymns and carols to sing and play.
Another Great Song Site:
Play music of the season with words.
Words for many popular holiday songs.
Christmas Resources on the World Wide Web (Gander Academy)
Explore the meaning of Christmas and symbols, stories, activities, and traditions associated with the holiday.
How Christmas Works - Complete Gudie to Christmas Traditions
Interesting questions about Christmas customs and traditions are answered in this site.
World Wide Christmas Calendar from Bernadotte School in Denmark
Each day on our calendar will tell about one Christmas tradition as it is celebrated in different countries.
Websites For Kids
Foods & Festivals Around the World
Find out about Christmas in Malaysia, Sweden, England, Australia, Germany, and the United States.
World Wide Christmas Calendar
Check out this collection of stories and other items made by kids around the world in celebration of the holiday.
Drop In At the Holiday Craft Shop
Make your own ornaments! Decorate cookies, trees or wreaths! Build a snowman, stock Santa's sleigh or light the menorah! Even an elf would be impressed.
Christmas Customs
Learn about Christmas customs around the world.
Christmas Fun and Facts
Christmas limericks, Christmas word power, Christmas jokes.
A ChildFun Christmas
Crafts, gift ideas, stories, songs and fingerplays, downloadables, tongue twister, humour and resources.
Websites for Teachers
Christmas Shopping WebQuest
Christmas shopping.
Christmas Stories--Book lists
Early Childhood
Middle Childhood
Early Adolescence
Our Book of Christmas Countries (Social Studies, Grade 7-12)
Students write reports on Christmas customs in various countries as contributions to a class book.
Christmas Activities and Lessons The History of Christmas.
Christmas Activities - TeachersFirst
Collection of activities, coloring items, and other Christmas treats for Elementary students.
The History of Christmas Trees
The idea of decorating a tree as part of seasonal celebrations is an old one that comes from many lands and cultures.
More Information about Christmas Trees:
2) Christmas Trees
3) The Christmas Tree
Nutcracker Resource Guide for Teachers
Information and links about the Nutcracker.
Related Websites:
2) The Nutcracker - Story and Music
The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg (Kindergarten)
Lesson plan for this Christmas book
Holiday Rhyming Lesson Using the Christmas Tree Tangle (Grade 1-3) Language_Arts/Literature/Childrens_Literature/CHL0206.html
This lesson introduces students to rhyming words. Students will recognize rhyming words and will form their own.
Santa's Workshop
Count down to Christmas and have your students E-mail Santa!
The Twelve Days of Christmas (Grade 4-5)
Have students exploring discrete mathematics to find the total cost of the items in the song, "The 12 Days of Christmas."












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